Monday, June 27, 2016

#475 You've Got This!

My right hand man pedaling for a cure

One Woman Many Lakes Day is almost here.  Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for--get out and do something active!!!  Post it on social media with "Research is our best hope"#tri4mbc.

Be creative, be funny, be whatever you want to be but please be an advocate.  Go to Click here to get the bib and show that you care.

Let's get this message across the country that we need more for stage iv.  We are dying to make this happen.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

#474 We Are Doing It For You!

Great swim last week with seven swimmers braving the weedy waters of Lake Waubesa. Actually, once we were out about 100 yards, the weeds miraculously disappeared.  The day was sunny and warm and the crowd rallied behind the MBC advocacy efforts.  Heather McManamy was remembered as the warm, funny caring person she was and we all miss her beaming smile.  Last Tuesday the cheering section from the sidelines included Heather's family and I felt the vibes that would encourage us to sprint through the water. The ironmen/women in the group were like machines swimming like fish while some of us (names will not be disclosed) "turtled" along as fast as we could simply enjoying the swim in their wake.   Beautiful day, beautiful memories for one amazing woman.

The next swim is June 28th and it looks like it is going to be quite the event.  Mark it on your calendars and join in on the fun.  There will be yoga on the shoreline and experts to answer any cancer questions.  Swimmers from Michigan and California will also be making the trek here to plunge through the waters advocating along the way. One Woman Many Lakes Day is about to happen!  My cohorts, Lesley in California--hiking up a mountain and Leslie--running in Texas, will be showing the country that we need more for stage iv.
My kids wearing the bib and advocating for more!

If you can't join us that day, wear the bib and post your activity on social network using #tri4mbc.  WE WILL BE HEARD!

Thanks for all your support. Go to BE ACTIVE to find out more on how you can become an advocate.  Help us find a cure for our daughters, sons, granddaughters and grandsons.  It is time.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

#473 The Reality

Cool owl my niece watches over...or vice versa!  Let's be wise about advocating for more funds for MBC!

Busy weekend, busier Monday but I had time to find an article that might knock your socks off--reality on what it is like out in cancer land.

On a side note, there is a swim tomorrow at McDaniel Park in McFarland at 1:00.  It is in memory of the one and only Heather McManamy--the champion of how to live life and making every day matter.  Hope to see you there.  If not, go to and find out how you can become an advocate and help the other "Heathers" living with MBC.

Great article and one you won't want to miss.  Five realities of life when you know you are going to die.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

#472 Wetsuits and Cameras--Should Be Banned!

Lake Waubesa's swim is Tuesday, June 14th at 1:00 at McDaniel Park in McFarland. Come out and join us either in the water or on land.  Rumor has it that Culver's will have coupons to give away and who can resist an ice cream cone on a summer day?

My video has been sent over the airways but if you missed it, here it is in complete form.  The talented, Kate Pabich, was responsible for creating this piece and I will have to say, despite the fact my mug is in it and I am wearing a wetsuit that shouldn't be seen in public, she did an outstanding job.  She is passionate about finding a cure and I am happy to have her on the band wagon.

You can also jump on this band wagon by going to  and find out what will be happening in the next few weeks.  Time is a'wasting and we need a cure NOW!
One Woman Many Lakes

To view the video go to June 28th Swim

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