Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#353 Snoozing Is A-Okay


Ahhh!  Charles Schulz had every bit of it right.  “Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.”  by Charles M. SchulzCharlie Brown's Little Book of WisdomStretchhhh! I'm up after taking a little midday slumber and now can tackle the rest of the day with a brief look at tomorrow followed by a reflection of yesterday.  

Go grab one this afternoon and your vision will be significantly clearer for the remainder of the day.  Trust me on this one.  If I haven't convinced you, read the scientific proof about this phenomenal activity and join the ranks of Albert Einstein along with a few other gold medal nappers.


More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day. Humans are part of the minority of monophasic sleepers, meaning that our days are divided into two distinct periods, one for sleep and one for wakefulness. It is not clear that this is the natural sleep pattern of humans. Young children and elderly persons nap, for example, and napping is a very important aspect of many cultures. 
As a nation, the United States appears to be becoming more and more sleep deprived. And it may be our busy lifestyle that keeps us from napping. While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance. Nappers are in good company: Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and George W. Bush are known to have valued an afternoon nap. 


Naps can be typed in three different ways: 
  • Planned napping (also called preparatory napping) involves taking a nap before you actually get sleepy. You may use this technique when you know that you will be up later than your normal bed time or as a mechanism to ward off getting tired earlier. 
  • Emergency napping occurs when you are suddenly very tired and cannot continue with the activity you were originally engaged in. This type of nap can be used to combat drowsy driving or fatigue while using heavy and dangerous machinery. 
  • Habitual napping is practiced when a person takes a nap at the same time each day. Young children may fall asleep at about the same time each afternoon or an adult might take a short nap after lunch each day. 


  • A short nap is usually recommended (20-30 minutes) for short-term alertness. This type of nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep. 
  • Your  sleep environment can greatly impact your ability to fall asleep. Make sure that you have a restful place to lie down and that 
    • a lack of ambition, and low standards. 
    • Napping is only for children, the sick and the elderly. 
    Though the above statements are false, many segments of the public may still need to be educated on the benefits of napping. 
    A recent study in the research journal  Sleep examined the benefits of naps of various lengths and no naps. The results showed that a 10-minute nap produced the most benefit in terms of reduced sleepiness and improved cognitive performance. A nap lasting 30 minutes or longer is more likely to be accompanied by sleep inertia, which is the period of grogginess that sometimes follows sleep. 
    By now you're probably thinking about ways to incorporate naps into your daily routine. Keep in mind that getting enough sleep on regular basis is the best way to stay alert and feel your best. But when fatigue sets in, a quick nap can do wonders for your mental and physical stamina.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#352 Just "Get It"

Two young friends who "get it"

I'm fed up to my googles today.  Women I have met through Facebook are dying or approaching death or getting sick and tired of living with cancer.  We are angry--no more.  Who is in charge here to turn the tide on this madness that has gone on for over thirty years.  40,000 of us have died since 1985 and that number has not fact it is going up with the number of young women diagnosed.

Listen one more time and then act.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Go to DONATE and then tell your friends and their friends and their friends and on and on and on.

You won't regret it.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

#351 If You Plan On Watching a Video Today--Choose This One

Mets Monday today (52 times a year) with a dynamic video that highlights the October 13th event in Washington. If you are in the Madison area there will be a similar happening here on the State Capitol steps.   Join us--you can help make a difference!

Click here for this amazing video: You must watch this!

Information on the die-in is below.  Please let me know if you are attending so I can get an accurate account--we need 110 people to "die".

Metastatic “Die-In” October 13th 11:30-12:30 on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol—State Street side.
History and Purpose
The first metastatic breast cancer die-in was held at the Living Beyond Breast Cancer
9th Annual Conference for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer, and was organized by patients. Metastatic breast cancer kills 40,000 people in the U.S. and 522,000 people worldwide every year. Worldwide, that's 1430 people every day, or one every second. In the U.S., it's about 110 people every day. We hold die-ins in order to demonstrate the human cost of metastatic breast cancer, in hopes that those who help fund cancer research will put more resources into saving these lives.
We will be meeting on the steps beginning at 11:30 to get instructions. If you can’t get there until closer to noon, no problem. We just need you.
1. Congregate at the Capitol steps by State Street. Bring a towel or blanket if the ground is wet.

2 Line up 10 people in a row facing the Capitol.
3. A welcome address will be given and then the signal to begin the die-in.
4. The first person will lie down when the bell chimes, then the person standing next to them and so on until all 110 are lying down. You may want to link arms with the person next to you. Silence is important.
5. After the last person lies down, a eulogy will be read followed by 110 seconds of silence.
6. A signal will be given to get up, embrace and the die-in will be done.

Please email me ASAP,, if you are planning on coming so we can get an accurate number. Pass this on to your friends, coworkers, etc. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Any questions call 608-835-9040 and leave a message. 

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

#350 Don't Let Them Get Your Goat!

Hector, Hazel and Billy

Short and sweet again today.  So little time too much to do.  Enjoy this video--read my love of goats from blog # 321 and maybe you will understand my fixation with these animals.

Awwww!  Baby Goats

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

#349 Life is...

"Life is a lake of memories to swim in"

And that is all I have to say today.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

# 348 Please Share Because You Care

Another sleepless night so might as well be productive.  I know--stay off the computer--it's the worst thing to try and catch those zzzz's.  Guess what?  I was lying wide awake under the covers and that didn't make me nod off so on to the computer I go to at least account for getting something done.

Pinktober is on its way and if you aren't "friends" with any metsters on Facebook or twitter, you are missing the outrage that's been blitzing social media.

The gist of the rants is to not buy anything pink this year.  Your purchase will line the pockets of the participating store and metastatic research will get...nada.  Yep, zero is my guess.  They may profess the money will go to breast cancer research but we know that a large portion of that pink necklace or pink sweater will go into their coffers and a smidgen will go--again--to BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.

Yes!  We know about BC.  We do not need anymore education on mammograms (another blog will be devoted to early detection and if it really tells the whole story--but more on that later).  What we need are real dollars going to real and meaningful research to save our lives.

Put your purse back on your shoulder, step out of the store and save yourself from adding one more piece of crap merchandise to your house.  Use last year's pink if you have a need to wear the color.

And if you want to feel good about yourself by supporting people with breast cancer,  go to the website,  One Woman Many Lakes ,  and donate money that will make a difference to the 155,000 of us living every day with metastatic breast cancer. The disease that kills because there is no cure.

I will personally bend down and kiss your feet in gratitude or give you a hug that will last you a lifetime. Trust me, it means that much to me.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

#347 It Is What It Is

This is what it feels like living with cancer every single day with no breaks, no time off for good behavior and no reprieve---ever.

Picture a huge bag full of emotions.

Now pull out one of those emotions-- for example: scared

This is what it looked like BC (Before cancer)


This is what it looks like AD (After diagnosis)


How about a few more examples.

clip art





pinback attack

Do you get the picture?  Our emotions seem to be magnified tenfold as we walk this tightrope of life not knowing which side we will fall.  Be patient with us if we snarl or whine.  It is what it is.

Go to Help us keep a happy face to find out more about MBC and to donate.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#346 Be Part of the Solution

This is one of the best reasons I keep fighting

My reflections on this disease as I sit in the picturesque setting of the Sundara Spa:

I have been lucky--loving parents who told me with words and actions that I was treasured
A husband who cherishes me and tells me he loves me every single day.
Successful children who are incredibly awesome human beings.
Coworkers who appreciated my decision making and commitment to education.
Friends who share in their belief that we are all kindred spirits and support each other in time of need.

And then came cancer.  I suddenly feel forgotten, ignored, abandoned.  Society--you are telling me I am not worth saving. There is no reason to hope--there is no cure.


We will not be forgotten.  We will not be ignored.  We will not go away without a fight.  Stand up with us.  There must be hope or else all these years of being valued have been for naught.  We need more and until we all take our last breath we will not stop fighting for a cure.

Go to my website on how you can help or donate or both.  Help by being the solution.  Spread the word.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

# 345 Dai Wei Shi

At a metastatic retreat for four days and the spa is beyond lovely along with the fellowship and camaraderie of the metsters.  This poem represents the calm and serenity this get away is bringing me.  My good friend, David, shared it so it seemed quite appropriate to use it as it describes my time here.

戴维诗 (Dai Wei Shi)    

May all beings be peaceful. 
May all beings be free.
May the sun bring you new energy by day

May the moon softly restore you by night

May the rain wash away your worries

May the breeze blow new strength into your being
May all beings awaken to 
     the light of their true nature
May you walk gently through the world 
     and know its beauty all the days of your life

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Monday, September 21, 2015

#344 Hear the Roar #beyondthebreast

Click here--Mets Monday to find out more about what is happening today!  Spread the word.  Metsters are fighting back in full force and we will be heard.  Blast the airways with information about this disease by using my website--HEAR US ROAR.

Go to One Woman Many Lakes to donate to METAvivor or ACS.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

# 343 The Blitz Has Begun

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

It has just begun--rantings about October and the pink and the lack of funding for us metsters.  Below is the latest tirade from an online friend, Kelli Parker, who is outrageously funny and spot on when it comes to getting in your face about this disease.  She is featured in the "Our Story" segment on my website so you can read more about this dynamic woman. This is only one sampling of her pissed off Facebook entries.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow as we blast social media with the campaign about Beyond the Breast.

"You might think that since stage IV breast cancer has some mainstream attention we should simmer down a bit. Oh darlings! THE FUN IS JUST BEGINNING! We need your help and your friend's help and your friend's friend's help to BLITZ the media, big pharma, big business, and big non-profits to bring about meaningful change and WHILE meaningful change is happening. And when my friends and I are celebrating our 20 year metaversary and we're the RULE and not the exception, then we'll rest momentarily on our laurels. Until then, we work and we fight and we shout every single day what has become our mantra ‪#‎stageivneedsmore‬"

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Saturday, September 19, 2015



Off to watch the red and white throw the ball around, huddle up and then run like a bat out of hell to the end zone.  Football--not really my thing--obviously-- but once a year it's worth getting geared up to face the crowd of thousands march into the stadium as we holler our heads off and cheer while the Wisconsin Badger players bash each other's heads with the possibility of major brain damage later on in life (sorry about the commentary that's been in the news lately). But I digress...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  Watching people dance and shout will amuse me for the day with the roar of the fans as a little background noise cheering when all those footballs cross the elusive touchdown line.

Although I have been watching football for many years I am still puzzled by certain aspects of the game.  Mum is the word because if I dare ask what was going on in the last play I get the "look" and retreat to my happy place of--I don't really give a #$@% about this game but will find my fun elsewhere.

But, Go Badgers!  It's a good time, electrifying and well worth the entertainment factor.  And who knows, maybe this time I will truly understand why they went straight into the mountain of gargantuan men instead of doing a sneak play to the left.  Methinks I should be the coach.

Now off to the game!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

#341 And It Was THIS Big!

A day late but here are some observations of my fishing date with my best buddy, Rob.

My final tally came out to:

Fish caught--0
Experiences captured--boundless

What was actually caught for a day out on the stream:

1. A standoff with a calf.

2.  Glimpse of a red dragon fly feasting on a flower
3.  An observation of no less than twenty contented fish resting on the bottom of the stream with no desire to eat my delicious, but artificial, looking fly.
4.  The intense stare of a determined Rob.

5.  A study of patience when nothing is biting.
Picture taken when bored.

6.  A look of awe as an eagle swooped overhead looking for its prey.
7. Views of the meadows filled with yellow yarrow and purple flowers.
8.   Surveying Wisconsin's very own driftless area.
9. The disgusting inspection after my foot landed a little too close to a fresh cow pile.
10. Laughter by the netful when attempting a climb through a fence.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

#340 My New Best Friend, Dale

What I looked like walking into class.

Motivational, inspiring, a confidence building experience.  What am I talking about?  Last Monday I had the pleasure--although prior to entering the room "pleasure" would not be the word I would use--of attending my first Dale Carnagie class.  My friend, Kathy, invited me to attend assuring me this would be exactly what I would need to forge ahead as an advocate for MBC.

With my stomach in a complete knot--remember my abhorrence to public speaking--I slid into the room trying to be invisible when the coach extended his hand and welcomed me to this new experience.  Yikes! I was a deer in headlights--the ability to move had vanished.  Before I knew it, I was sitting amongst a group of extremely talented and talkative people. What the heck were they doing there?  I was definitely feeling out of my class.

Breathe, just breathe and I will make it through until the break when I can really break away from here and go back to my comfort zone surroundings called home.  It didn't happen.  After a shaky beginning of speaking IN FRONT OF THE ROOM OF 22 PEOPLE, I started to actually enjoy what was happening around me.  I felt the protective shell that surrounds many of us (well, at least me and the other guy sitting there looking green) slowly chip away as I spoke with these unfamiliar fellow Carnagonians ( I made that term up).  My heart rate returned to normal as I stood in front of the others and, quite frankly, found myself laughing and having a good time.

How could this be?  With the three and a half hour session flying by, I came away shaking my head thinking, Wow! And this is only the first class.  We have homework, but I can't wait to dive into the books to find out more.

Thank you, Kathy.  This is going to work.  And guess what?  With my newfound speaking skills, I will be able to persuade more people to donate, educate more people about this disease and who knows, maybe even save lives.  You never know how one experience or one person can make a difference.

Now go make a difference and donate to

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#339 Gone Fishing

Hope this is what it will look like tonight

Off fishing!  Tomorrow will post pictures of the big one that didn't get away--or not.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#337 And He's Down!

Whew!  What a weekend.  The swim on Saturday generated interest from the local Green Bay station which was all before the big Packer win on Sunday so maybe I brought them good luck.  Watch this brief episode garnered from my Lake Wingra swim in June.  NBC26 Green Bay

Biking on Sunday with 3000 people--13 of them good friends--was full of fun and food.  If you ever get the chance to the Door County Century Ride (in my case--half century)--do it.  Every 15 miles or so we were greeted with abundant amounts of chow stops--more than you can imagine so by the time you are done, the spaghetti feed at the end puts you over the top on stuffing your face.  So much for burning calories on biking.  Regardless of the feeding frenzy, the scenery was breathtaking and the weather for the day more than made up for the sore bottoms that we all seemed to share.

The entire ride was somewhat uneventful until Rob crossed the finish line after biking 70 miles.  Let's just say his finish and the Tour de France finisher have nothing in common--except maybe wearing a red shirt.

Rob in the red shirt. Nancy is trying to catch him.

This is not Rob but what he wished he looked like at the end.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

#336 Information on #METSMONDAY That Needs Repeating

Read this teaser on the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network site and, if you are intrigued, click on to the longer article.  Facts, if you have been following my Mets Monday rants, you are aware of but a good reminder to keep reading and repeating them.


Remember to go to One Woman Many Lakes to donate.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

#335 Ride 'em Cowboy!

Dreamstime photos

Hope this isn't me at the end of my 50 miles bike ride today.  As I head out on the roads today cheer me from afar for a safe and bottom free from blisters.

And by the way, the swim was a rock and rolling treat.  Major waves and chilly temps but well worth the effort to log in swim # 21.  We are very very close to the $40,000 mark for METAvivor.  How about donating so I can boast about raising "almost" $45,000!  I love new goals.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

#334 LOL!!!

Yep, that's us!

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” 

This says it all for the beginning of this weekend.  Now off to swim in a lake---SPLASH!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

#333 Door Country

Last year's ride

Door County here we come.  It should be a beautiful weekend filled with outrageous laughter and wild antics with seven couples heading up to Wisconsin's jewel of a paradise.  The plan is a swim on Saturday-#21 and then the 50 mile bike ride on Sunday.

Watch for details as I tackle this mini triathlon of activities.  I won't be running so will add laughing as the final segment in this trio of busyness.

For a quick news read from my swim in Devil's Lake go to Baraboo Republic

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

#332 Get Out of Here!

Devil's Lake

I won't belabor the fact that yesterday I jumped into my twentieth lake, swam a little over 2 miles and came out feeling like a champion.  It was a pretty big deal for me and I'm still glowing from the event.

Kindhearted soul, Rick, swam with me the entire way and with his 6 foot about 5 inch lean frame(tall no matter how many inches), never strayed from my side.  He could easily have stretched out and been half way across the lake before I even took my first breath, but no, he matched me stroke for stroke as we enjoyed the crystal clear waters and the breathtaking beauty surrounding the lake.

My faithful partner, Rob, and our youngest son accompanied us in kayaks as we made it from one shore to the other.  Who would have thought a year ago that I'd still be swimming today let alone having the big number twenty under my wetsuit.

This Saturday I will log in swim #21 up in Door County before biking 50 miles on Sunday.

All I can say is--cancer--look who is in charge now so get off my back and out of my life.

To put cancer in its place, go to

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#331 Thanks Culver's

Okay, the weather didn't cooperate yesterday so we are swimming today.  The first time we have had to cancel a swim and I was disappointed but got over it--really?  A swim day cancelled? GET OVER IT!  Rob called it at 7 in the morning but I convinced him to not officially cancel until Charlie Shortino, our local weatherman, concluded the morning would be rainy and ugly.

A super duper crew delivering the goods!
Bri thanks all of you
Today looks bright and sunny--a tad cooler but that's okay.  The water temperature will be the same as yesterday so let's dive in and get across the lake.

If you would like to hike the beautiful Devil's Lake area today and watch me swim, join us at 11 AM on the north shore.

A couple of metsters

The event at Culver's last night was a resounding success.  The number of people eating burgers and ice cream surpassed our expectations.  A big thank you to Connie and her crew for organizing this event and thank you to Culver's for your generous donation. Every dollar helps us get one step closer to finding a cure.  If you couldn't grab a burger, go to to donate (Sorry, no ice cream delivery).

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

# 330 Swimming and Ice Cream...These are a few of my favorite things!

* Swimming day has been cancelled due to the weather.  Rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11 AM.  Hope you can join us.

Big day today.  Swim # 20! in Devil's Lake at 11 if you are in Wisconsin and want to spend a beautiful day outdoors*.  After your swim or hike then head to Culver's fundraiser in McFarland from 4-8 PM to see Heather and me hang out eating those yummy butter burgers.

Join us today in spirit or not but you can always donate at  Rob is pleased as punch by the outcome of our new and improved website so make him happy and check it out.

Thank you Culver's for your support.
* Check Facebook if the weather is iffy for a rescheduling of the swim.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

#329 Are You Getting It?

crunch pics

Good Morning America! It's Mets Monday and today is an animation presentation that will educate you on metastatic breast cancer.  It's not Tom and Jerry's fun and games but will enlighten--and that's what it is all about.

Click on to: A Short Animation Really Helps Understand MBC

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

# 328 Here Comes The Bride!

September 6, 1947

Wedding bells rang loud and clear sixty-eight years ago when my parents said, "I do".  A devoted couple who adored each other with both their actions and words.

My sisters and I were witness to their affectionate embraces that completely embarrassed us as we were growing up.  Kissing in the kitchen, quick hugs in the living room.  Yuck! when you are a teenager.  But, guess what?  It worked for them and it has carried through for each of us in our own marriages.  Receive and give love and respect--that's the formula for happiness to a beautiful union.

Mom and Dad, wherever you are now enjoy your blissful day together and thank you for passing that magical formula of love on to each of us.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

#327 This is Going To Be Ugly

Sleep Fairies
*A warning--I wrote this a few days ago--am fine now and feel a whole lot better but I hate to waste a blog so here goes.

It is the wee hours of the morning and there are no sleep fairies in sight. My thoughts keep going back to why. Why do I feel driven to fight.  I avoid conflict issues like the plague yet I have put myself in a position that I need to speak up.  The interviews do not show my outrage at the injustices of this disease and the lack of caring by the people we elect to protect us.

I don't want to offend so I meekly ask for donations instead of screaming in their faces and demanding more.  Why can't I simply sit back and have someone else fight.  I know why.  Because I can't let this go.  I want to live a long long life.  I want the same for the Heathers, the Maggies and all of us facing this disease.

Making a difference in this life has been my mantra and a few years ago I struggled with how to do that.  Find abandoned puppies homes, volunteer at homeless shelters, save the whales--what?  Why couldn't one of those be my purpose instead of cancer. I can't stop. That's why I can't sleep. I am constantly searching ways to make things right.  Where's the next swim, the next fundraiser, the next what?

I'm struggling with my interviewing skills and how I am not getting my message across. I return home thinking why didn't I say this or that.  No one is getting it and I must try harder.  Be confrontational! Be bold! Be angry! Will that work?  I'm not sure what works and what will wake people up to say, NO MORE CANCER.

It is almost 5AM and my eyes have not shut since 2 so it will be a long day today.  No solutions yet and not sure there will be but I will keep on with my message.  I thought I could simply swim and the followers would come.  Speaking about it is tougher.  Being angry about it when I was brought up to be polite and not make a scene is difficult but I will get better.  There is no other way.

Sorry about the rambling.  There will be no editing on this blog.  This is what life is like now. I will endure.  Until there is no more cancer in this world, we can not stop.


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Friday, September 4, 2015

# 326 Beware of a Rant

Survivor link

Dear Breast Cancer Survivors,
Congratulations! You have endured and now consider yourself a survivor on your journey with breast cancer.  Yay! and thank the lord that episode is over. However, would you mind pausing for a moment and think about those of us who are in the throes of this malady and will never progress to your status?

We need your help. Desperately.  We have not yet crossed the finish line of conquering this disease and there are millions of you out there who will be celebrating in October that you made it.  You beat cancer.

But wait a second...

I don't want to scare the bejesus out of you but I was once there too.  Celebrations were for me as I went through harrowing months of treatments and jumping for joy that it was finally over when...BANG.  It's back and now the fight that I thought I had faced and survived has returned in full force.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE--join the mets sisters and stand by our side.  We are sick, we are dying and we need to find a cure.  It doesn't help our cause when we hear you singing the praises of being cured.  YOU ARE NEVER CURED.  You will be living with the shadow of this disease and, if you are lucky ( and I truly hope you are), it will never rear its ugly head again.  However, 30% of initial breast cancer diagnosis recurs and then you will see up close and personal how the ball was dropped before the victory of a touchdown.

Dear courageous survivors, please pick up this ball for us and help us all get to the stage of being in survivor mode.  Don't be afraid to raise your voices and show your outrage about the lack of funding for metastatic breast cancer.  We need you.

We are thrilled that your good health has returned and you have "survived" this dreaded disease but turn around now and look at those who desperately want to be in your place and give us a hand.

Spread the word--donate, help, do something-- please.

Contact me on how to rant and rave (I've gotten pretty good at it)

From your mets sisters.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

#325 The Mitch Hench Show

Mitch Hench

Interesting experience yesterday with my first ever radio talk show.  Mr. Hench was extremely kind and made me feel quite comfortable in his tiny office.  I guess with a radio show there is no need for any aesthetic beauty on the set so the papers splayed around his office was certainly not a concern for him or his audience.

The interview went well. I thought our conversation during the commercials was much wittier and informative then when we went live--a distinct change of tone came over both of us when the producer pointed his finger to start the action.

If you missed it and have nothing else to do but listen to a day old radio broadcast, here's the link.

Start at 2.07

Thanks Mitch, for helping me spread the word.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#324 Radio Broadcast Today!

This is the room.  Are those card tables???

Listen in today on 92.1 FM from 10-10:30 AM while I ramble, rant and hopefully keep my size 9 out of my mouth on the Mitch Hench show.  It will be live and I have no idea what we will discuss for the entire half hour.  I understand there will be commercials so I won't have to yak continuously.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's summary and critique on my first ever radio show.  YIKES!!!!

For information on the man go to

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#323 My Best Buddy

My buddy Wilson
Things are beginning to settle down around here as we slowly return to the mundane task of LIVING, planning and scoping out another lake.  What can I possibly say about swim #19 except it was quite an extraordinary event.  The effort my niece and nephew put into making sure everything was perfect was beyond what I could have imagined or even attempted myself.

At least ninety people showed up to remind me and the other metsters that we are not a forgotten group as the love and support flowed in and reinforced the fact each one of us can participate by spreading the word about this disease.

There were stories galore for the day but my favorite one was about my great nephew and his unique way of fundraising.

According to my niece, her son Wilson, a precocious six year old, was at the dentist office prior to the weekend we were to arrive.  I'm sure his dentist was attempting to make him feel at ease while sitting in the chair (that reclining seat that makes you feel anything but comfortable as your mouth hangs open) when he inquired about his plans for the weekend. Instead of hearing the typical boyhood account of playing outside, soccer games or whatever occupies the younger crowd, Wilson explained about his Great Aunt Mary and her swims.  I was not privy to the actual conversation but knowing Wilson and his advanced vocabulary I'm sure he was articulate and thorough in his explanation.

In fact he was so thorough that on his way out of the office the dentist and the hygienist grabbed their checkbooks and handed him donations for METAvivor.  They were touched by his story and wanted to make a difference.

  This campaign I have been hollering about has been about One Woman but it is also how one person at any time no matter the age can make a difference...and he did.  Thank you, Wilson.  You made my day.

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