Sunday, August 30, 2020

#589 Poems and Beyond

 I have discovered chemo brain and blog writing tend not to go hand in hand.  Since I started a new treatment (a nasty drug from hell which may prolong my life so can't complain),  I've had either debilitating side effects or space brain waves that have not permitted time to sit and create a blog.  

However, today is the day I told myself this morning to sit down and write. A little history about today's entry.  About ten weeks ago I sent out an email to friends asking if anyone would be interested in getting together on Zoom for poetry readings.  Much to my surprise, nine women came armed that night with their very own creations along with a poem or two from the "real" poets. We were all pleasantly surprised how much we missed sharing and creating while living in a pandemic.  Many reflected our feelings of isolation or how we have found joy during this time in our lives. 

I have decided to share some of my poetry with you.  Some were written over the course of the years dealing with cancer representing hope or despair, depending on my mood for the day.  Others show my frustration at seeing the world in 2020 during covid. 

Here are a random two I selected to share with you. 

                                                                     The New Course 

By Mary Gooze 

Rig up the sails

as we cruise through life.

Wait—what happened?

The sails have failed.

My body no longer a flying fleet

but a dilapidated worn out wreck of a ship.

“No worries”, says my beloved,

we will make this boat work.

Readjust the mast,

reconfigure our life,

fashion the new vessel to perform.

Even though it is not the voyage we foresaw, 

cancer will not guide our ride—

Simply readjust and reset.

Life sails on.

The Daunting 2020

Difficult times have been witnessed.

The morning news awakens me

to the horror and the chaos 

our nation is going through.

Hurricanes in the south, 

derecho in the midwest,

 fires in the west, 

unrest and covid across the continent.

Can we say, “ ENOUGH!”?

Can we reset this year


 devise a plan to become triumphant?

Begin today


A quick added note.  I will be swimming my fiftieth swim this week in northern Wisconsin.  Join me on facebook as I make my plunge and "swim" next to me in your pool, lake or your bathtub!


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