Monday, February 29, 2016

# 456 10 Facts You Should Know About MBC

Seattle on a clear day!

Happy Leap Year Day to all and it's a Mets Monday!  Since I have spent this glorious day doing everything I wanted to do and more, I haven't had time to sit back and reflect on what to write today.  Therefore, I bring you an informational article about MBC.

10 Facts All Women Should Know About Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Monday, February 22, 2016

#455 When Minutes Matter

Making moments count when not snoozing!

A brief shout out for my sensational onc doc appointment this week.  I was slightly nervous going in to the office due to my rising liver numbers on the last check up so was bracing myself for a possible drug change which would lead to adjusting to a whole new range of side effects, another trip back to Wisconsin and all the pain in the arse details that this disease inflicts upon us.


Drum roll...excellent results all around despite a sky high blood pressure on the first reading but on the second try the numbers decreased most likely due to the good report. I'm not a numbers kind of gal but AC (after cancer) they have taken on a whole new meaning as I scour them with a fine tooth comb watching the rise and fall of certain counts.

 California sunshine or my eldest son's comment, "Swimming is the right moderator for the drug" must be working its magic on those nasty cancer cells. I don't need a reason just reassurance that maintaining this high will continue for quite some time (7777 days?). It has been almost eighteen months on this drug that typically is effective for 8-9 months.  WooHoo!

It is Mets Monday and Dr. Toby Campbell from the UW Carbone Center has written a piece that every terminal patient will nod their heads saying, "Yes, yes, yes".  Every moment is critical but it can be exhausting especially when sitting quietly listen to the sounds of silence (thanks, Simon and Garfunkel) is what matters for that precise moment. After reading this I realized that it is okay to put  my feet up and ponder nothing or everything.  Stillness is acceptable--it should be on the bucket list.

Go to Dr. Toby Campbell's article as it is a must read: When minutes matter .

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Monday, February 15, 2016

# 454 Mets Million Dollar Monday

How to make a million bucks

A million bucks.  What would you do for a million dollars?  Buy a mansion? A yacht?  A trip around the world?  How about saving lives?

My goal is to raise a million dollars for research,  research that could possibly save lives that are now lost to MBC. Will a million bucks do it?  No clue but it will get the attention of scientists and those in the know to find a cure.

Maybe if all the metsters pledged to raise a million bucks we would find it.  Or what about all those who are touched by cancer raise a million?  Maybe, just maybe.

Not that much moola in your pocket?  How about writing to your senator on the HELP committee. That's where the big dollars are sitting so let's grab some of that gold for us.  We want more time with our families and for a million dollars, we may get it.

I've been ranting on and on about more funding and while I do that, 40,000 will die this year.  We can stop this.  Calling all cancer organizations, the government and you to climb on board and make this happen.

A million.  My One Woman Many Lakes campaign is one fifth there. I don't want to run out of time before we can claim triumphant over this disease.  I owe this to my daughter and future grand daughter and all of your daughters and grand daughters.

You can help add to the coffers and here's how.

1. Call your local restaurant and ask them to devote one night of sales with a percentage going to METAvivor.
2. Email everyone on your address list and for a donation.  Use my story or any of the 155,000 stories out there to get their attention.
3.  Find a company who will match donations.
4. Hold a garage sale
5. Get family members involved to help
6. On and on and on--use your own creativity and dig out the funds.

Be bold and brave like the 155,000 metsters living with this disease and act now.  We need you and we need your money.

Go today to donate to

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Monday, February 8, 2016

# 453 Recurrence

Front Desk Lady

Not to alarm anyone reading this who has "survived" their initial breast cancer diagnosis, but the article below gives an explanation to who, where and how recurrence occurs.  I have been screaming about getting ALL of us on board to help find a cure because...well, it's pretty obvious but, like I said, I don't want to scare the bejesus out of anyone.  The reason is we need your help to educate, rant and scream about more funding and stand by us even if you are not "with us" (meaning you are not in that horrible percentage--20-30% who will face a recurrence).

Tell your friends, coworkers and relatives that people are dying and every single dollar donated to my website will go directly to research for MBC either through METAvivor or ACS.  You choose.  It will be money well spent and we promise we will do everything in our power to stick around if you help give us a little more time.

Go to Breast Cancer Recurrence Many Years Later to read more.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

# 452 Time Matters

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Mets Monday and a brand new month--a quick update on the latest.

  Eight mile hikes,  mile and a half swims and soaking in the rays has led me down a happy and healthy path while living out here in sunny California.  Questions from people--"What? You don't look sick" and (one of my least favorites) "You are going to beat this" are expected since I have not been on my MBC education campaign.  A entirely new audience to educate!  Let the fun begin.

Ann Silberman is a gifted blog writer who has shared an informational video on cancer--"When it comes to cancer, time matters" by C. Anthony Blau.  Those of us living with MBC are quite cognizant of time and what it means.  Speak loudly and hear us roar.

Ann Silberman's article

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