Saturday, February 22, 2020

7777+ Days: #585 Sunshine, Animals and Teeth.

7777+ Days: #585 Sunshine, Animals and Teeth.: Rosie the dog It's been a while (too long) since I've plopped down at the computer and composed a ditty to share.  The reas...

#585 Sunshine, Animals and Teeth.

Rosie the dog

It's been a while (too long) since I've plopped down at the computer and composed a ditty to share.  The reason for my no show these past few months?  Life with all of its ups and downs took over and writing was not at the top of my "to do" list.

Today is a new day so will attempt to write a profound blog and astound you with the knowledge bestowed upon me by this wretched disease.  Realistically, it most likely will be the usual rambling so bear with me as I blather away!

 Due to a new medication change, my body has had to adjust to the side effects which has sent it into a bit of a rebellious mode. This lovely drug has given me a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes which entails blood pricking, diet monitoring and moving when all I want to do is stay in bed.  And to add to that debacle, the dreaded diarrhea is back and typifies the old adage--"when the shit hits the fan..."  You can only imagine.

 Cancer spares no one their dignity or their feelings as a healthy being but those of us living with it carry on.  Yeah, right.  That last statement certainly sounds like a Pollyanna quote or a picture of me belting out , "The sun will come out tomorrow..."  Cancer sucks and takes away so much of who we are---if we let it.

A month ago, I said, "Enough!  You will steal no more from me".  I am taking my joy back...and so I have.  Here's a short list of my joys--simple, silly or straightforward--in a nutshell; and no particular order.

1.  My electric toothbrush takes two minutes to clean my teeth.  For two whole minutes I think about how lucky I am to have teeth.

2.  The sun is shining--the warmth penetrates into my inner cells with their uplifting rays.  My apologies if it sounds a tad obnoxious to my friends living in a colder climate, but the 80 degree weather we experience daily certainly helps put a smile on my face.

Our little animal family
3.  My BHE being there for me...always.  Having a loving man by my side through all the scans, appointments and the outright scariness of this disease proves once again how I hit the jackpot of husbands.

4.  The beauty of nature fills me up--soaking it in every time I step outside.  I love to discover something new on my walks whether it is a tree blooming or one of the many hummingbirds flitting past my face.  I am always in awe of Mother Earth.  (On a side note, let's start taking better care of her.)

5.  The past month we've had a number of family members (including the best ever grandchildren, children and spouses and sister and hub!) visiting the desert.  Since they all arrived from cold and overcast places, the joy on their faces as they reacted to the sunshine was priceless.

6.  Good food.  There is an abundance of fresh food available to us and I am appreciative of the hard work of the farmers in the area.

7.  Music abounds from the magical human voices in the complex to the local morning doves waking me outside my window.  Surrounded by the sounds brings me joy.

8.  My two "Learning in Retirement" classes have been both stimulating and educational.  Who would have thought listening to the beauty of opera would be so moving?  Wonders never cease.  Not only have I opened my ears and mind to this splendid genre but my BHE has also embraced my new found music pleasure.

9. A major positive mood changer named Rosie came into our lives this past December. This bundle of energy is a six year old rescue mutt from the local animal shelter.  Despite a few quirks (don't we all have some?), she has brought endless joy to both of us. After being abandoned on the streets and taken to a kill shelter, we feel we saved our little dog's life; but truly she is returning the favor tenfold.  My advice--get a dog--you won't regret it. By the way, never fear the cat's safety,  Catfish continues her reign as head animal in the household and shows her dominance with one swipe to poor Rosie's nose.  No blood drawn but the territory has been established.

10.  I'll end this "joy" list with friends. Carole King's famous song, You've got a Friend" says it best.  In times of trouble or not, good friends truly have my back and have lifted me up while going through some rough spots.  My hope is to someday return their kindness.

A bit of a cheesy post but it is how I am managing through difficult times while negotiating this wild ride every single day.

Thanks for reading #585 of 7777+.