Thursday, August 2, 2018

#551 To Build or Not To Build--That Was the Question.

Drinking coffee on his new porch...thanks to his wife.
With a terminal disease lingering on my horizon and my number may be up before I am ready, it may seem projects around the house, purchasing expensive items or even buying green bananas would give me pause to it worth the investment?

Guess what?  That's not me anymore. I do not intend to live with dark persisting thoughts of EVERYTHING being my last hurrah and if making home improvements is in the cards, I am on board ready to redo the entire house if needed.  A few years ago we remodeled the kitchen and I questioned if it would be worth it due to my possible limited time to enjoy it.  Rob was hesitant at first, not because of my health, but because he is, well, Rob.  Those who know him well understand perfectly what that means. We forged ahead and of course love the finished product and kick ourselves for waiting so long.  So my next project to attack with the viciousness of a wild boar, (more details to follow of the scope of my ferocity) was a screened-in porch I have been longing for since we moved into this house.

 For thirteen long years I have politely mentioned (okay, downright nagged) my Best Husband Ever about adding a porch off the kitchen.  We had the perfect situation with minimal effort to put this blasted addition up without causing any damage to the environment, our health, the universe...etc. etc. etc. (you get the idea and can you sense my frustration?).  Rob, not quite the BHE at this point, decided thirteen years ago to dig in his heels and refused to budge about any discussion on adding this much needed attachment which, by the way, would greatly increase not only the value of our home but our quality of life since eating on the deck has proven disastrous due to the humongous influx of mosquitoes in our area. Okay, I digress, but again, can you sense my exasperation?  Usually he is on board with most of my homeowner improvement ideas but this issue for some reason was nonbudgeable (not a word but it fits) in his mind.

Finally, a brilliant contractor, (can't thank Chad enough)  showed him a plan that would work for our house without "putting our kitchen in complete darkness" (one of his fears of a porch) and wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg. Voila!  A mere month later with minimum disturbance to our daily lives we are now proud owners of a screened-in porch and guess what?  HE LOVES IT!  Every single day he sits drinking his morning coffee professing his love for this space and every single day I get to say lovingly back to him, "I know, dear,  I told you so." As we bask, mosquito free, on our newly built area I get to smile smugly when he tells me over and over how right I was...again.

Stay tuned for replacement of the downstairs carpet...

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