Tuesday, February 26, 2019

#556 Over the Moon

Hiding the chubby bod behind the Best Husband Ever.

Alert--random babbling on my part.

First of all, the best medicine...ever... is spending time with an adorable two and half year old.  Seeing life from her vantage point for three days when we watched her while momma and daddy were off at a conference was priceless.  All the health issues preceding our visit vanished as I sat and performed puppet shows and colored masterpieces with crayons.  Maybe I could have my oncologist write a prescription--frequent visits with granddaughter will enable healthy cells to combat cancer.  Hmmm.  Not sure but it's worth a try.

On another note, it's been a wild few weeks as I have begun a new treatment due to progression. The never ending saga of MBC continues.  My shortness of breath issues are slowly getting under control while the energy level hasn't moved from the basement level.  A little nap in the afternoon helps and certainly makes me more pleasant to be around (according to Rob).

A couple of nights ago we did an evening hike--due to shortness of breath I aborted the mission of the mile climb and stopped a quarter of the way up.  The super moon gently rose over the hills as we watched from the elevated angle slightly above the homes.  It was magnificent and quite humbling as it slowly ascended in the cloudless sky.  I was in awe but in the back of my mind was the question, "Will this be my one and only super moon sighting...ever?"

Ten more years would be the next one I thought--well, you can imagine what someone with terminal cancer ruminates on long range plans--so I wanted to be sure I was present for this phenomenon.  Thanks to our all knowing google machine, I found this site that explains the entire background of the super moon feature.  https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/super-full-moon.html.  Next year I will be out there watching it again.  Yes, I'm sure of it.  March 2020 is definitely doable--do you hear that, cancer cells?

Moving along on my babbling-- BHE Rob has begun brainstorming for next year's fundraising gigs.  Our last campaign was quite successful and will fund several promising grants for our researchers--more to come on the details of those possible life savers. I plan on swimming and shouting out about more resources but we could use your help.  If you have any bright ideas on a highly successful fundraising campaign, let us know or just go directly and donate to the One Woman Many Lakes-More For Stage IV fund at UW Carbone Cancer Center.  More money in the till means more time for us with MBC.

One last rant to get off my chest.  Besides the loss of hair and looking like a chicken with a bad hairdo--I have found this new drug loves to add the pounds to the body.  Really?  I have to not only have crappy hair but now look like a Pillsbury dough girl with the emphasis on dough?  Ugh!  But as someone pointed out to me--"You are alive!" Yes I am and I'm grateful to be here but let me whine once more and then I will let the whole--Yikes!  I look like s&*t thing go and be cognitively aware I am still on the right side of the grass.

Enough for now.  Hug your loved ones a little closer tonight--just because.

Thanks for reading #556 of 7777.