Friday, September 25, 2020

# 590 The Ride of a Lifetime

Chance, the wonder horse

 I don't necessarily enjoy surprises. In fact I usually manage to solve the mystery on my own given enough time and thought. A master sleuth I like to think of myself. 

Case in point, while having a conversation over the phone with my daughter a few months ago I had the inkling that she was hiding something from me.  After a few questions the nosy mom in me blurted out, "Are you pregnant?"  There was a brief pause and then an exclamation, "How did you know, Mother?"  They had planned on telling us in person that weekend. Chalk up another private detective mission accomplished; and a thrilled Grandma. 

However, this latest surprise on a beautiful fall day had me scratching my head trying to figure out what my BHE had in store for me.  He had entered the word surprise on the calendar for a Monday afternoon and that is when my master detective work sprung into action. Could it be a visit from my both sons flying home to see their dear old mom?  It didn't make sense knowing their busy schedule and, quite frankly, I'm not at death's doorstep quite yet (sorry about the morbid cancer humor). We had briefly discussed bucket lists and I racked my brain thinking what I had mentioned.  Catching a pass from Aaron Rodgers was one but that seemed out of the realm of possibilities even he could muster.

That morning, he advised me to wear jeans and an old shirt that could get dirty.  Jeans and a shirt? Still no clue.  I'd like to think all this chemo has dulled my brain but he is sure he had stumped me once and for all.

As we drove into the beautiful countryside I imagined a hike into the woods would be a lovely distraction.  Reflecting back through the previous weeks I hadn't been too whiny or demanding so leaving me by the side of the road didn't appear to be a possibility; and doesn't quite fit his moniker as the Best Husband Ever.  I was completely baffled.

Finally we turned into a farm set upon a hill and with a sign signaling my Aha! moment—I finally figured it out.  Gibson Training Center.  I was going to hang out with horses.  Me-- who loves the smell, their huge understanding eyes, the unconditional love they share fills me with awe every time I've been around these creatures. Good old Rob hit it out of the ballpark and he knew it.

Little did I know that not only would I be able to breathe in their delicious scent and groom them but I would actually get back into the saddle again.  Needless to say I was hesitant due to my creaky old cancer  bones and the fact that I hadn't ridden a horse in a number of years.  Gary Gibson, the owner of this wonderful facility, always has been a kind and understanding teacher. He refreshed my memory on horsemanship and before I knew it, I was riding around the arena with a big old smile on my face. 

Sure enough after getting up on this calm, steady horse I felt like this is where I should have been all along.  We walked, trotted and got to know each other in the short time I was on Chance's back.

So that was the story of my surprise day from the best husband ever.  He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to make every day count as special.  Love, love that man of mine.

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