Monday, December 18, 2017

#543 Top Ten Reasons

My #1 reason to keep on keeping on

Tis the season upon us to get our rear in gear for the big year end tax write off.  If you have plans to donate some of your hard-earned cash and want to make sure it goes to a good and worthwhile cause, may I suggest you peruse my ten best reasons where it should be given?

Top Ten Reasons to Give

10. The UW Carbone Cancer Center UW Carbone Cancer Center is one of the leading breast cancer centers in the country.
9.  Drs. O'Regan, Wisinski, Burkard (all are from UW) are three of the brightest and the best researchers around and dedicated to their profession.
8.  Metastatic breast cancer receives less than 7% of all research money except in the More for Stage    IV fund at UW where 100% is given directly to the researchers.
7.  113 will die today because a cure has not been found.
6.  It takes money to keep talented researchers in the field.
5.  Not one more person should have to hear the words, "You have a terminal disease."
4.  Research is our best hope.
3.  Our mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, men in our lives and friends deserve better.
2.  Maggie, Heather, Mindi, Shannon, Beth... and the rest of the 120,000 who have died since my diagnosis must be remembered as we work towards a future for those of us still living.

And the number one reason why we (Rob and I) are constantly working on raising funds for the UW Carbone Cancer Center:

1.  More time with my precious and beautiful daughter and granddaughter and making sure their future is bright and cancer free.

Thank you for your donation to this worthwhile organization UW Carbone Cancer Center .  Because cancer does not discriminate in race, religion, gender or social status; the life you save may someday be your own or a loved one.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

#542 Texas, Tummy and Stars--What???

No, I have not taken a brief vacation to some exotic place, however, it does sound tempting right now. Alas, my absence has been due to a gurgling stomach(actually much more graphic than that but I will spare you the details) and a love/hate relationship with the bathroom's white porcelain buddha  during the wee hours of the morning before we were to leave for Texas.  At one point I came to the realization that I would not be on the flight that day to the San Antonio Breast Symposium--largest in the world--no matter how much I was wishing away my rocking and rolling gut.

 This is the second year I've had to abort the mission of going and, to say I was miffed, mad, pissed, furious, incensed, etc. etc. etc. (you get the idea), is an understatement.  My plan was to meet many of the metsters attending to form an alliance when approaching the researchers so they would understand our needs and requests to put us as a priority on research.  I also wanted to learn about the types of treatments on the horizon that may potentially save our lives.

While in a foggy stupor, due to the horrible early morning stages of movement...(TMI), I encouraged Rob to go without me--I would be fine.  I will admit I wasn't fine for a few days but with a little help from my friends I slowly recovered from this nasty stomach virus. While Rob was at the convention, he soaked up all he could to share with me even though his tummy was in a bit of a twist as well.

With plenty of time on my hands I was able to view the video from the pharmaceutical company, Novartis, who had filmed us in our home last spring.  We are our own worst critics so I cringed at my part but the dog and cat come across as shining stars.  Go to Afinitor Stories if you care to see both hubs and me in action...along with the dog and cat.

This is also the time of the year to get your tax deductions so go to UW Carbone Cancer Center and donate this month.  All donations go directly to research so your money will make a difference of making MBC a priority.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and gurgling tummy).

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