Friday, August 25, 2017

#533 Unfair Hair and Other Injustices

Everyone likes a cute cat picture!

Life is unfair! I often hear that phrase when people learn of my diagnosis.  "How does this happen," they ask? "You have taken good care of yourself, maintained a healthy diet (they have never seen me devour a bowl of ice cream) and have been an exercise freak."

Yes to all of the above but guess what?  Cancer will jump out and wrestle you to the ground no matter what you do.  Yep, life can be cruel and unforgiving.
I have been pondering the whole unfair life phrase recently as there have been changes going on that are out of my control.  How unjust can life be?  Women in their prime dying and leaving young children without their mothers is the first injustice that comes to mind.  We were dealt a rotten set of cards and the simple phrase of life being unfair seems to me a vast understatement.

But right now, at this very moment, I am suffering a shallow and vain unfairness experience.  Due to medication that is keeping the cancer cells at bay, my hair follicles have been on a speedy retreat. My slowly balding head is beginning to look like a newborn baby's fine wisps of hair but as a sixty-six year old, it's not quite as endearing. Messy and unappealing like the leftovers of the corn silk ripped off the cob after the county fair is a more appropriate visual.  "Unfair,"  I holler!  I am already suffering from other afflictions so why is this one added to the mix?

Okay, my vanity register is back in check and after searching the internet for "life is unfair" quotes--there are numerous ones -- it looks like I might as well deal with what is.  I remind myself it could be worse--I do have a modest head of hair, I am alive, it didn't turn a putrid green ( not that green would be bad but not my best color). So according to the above quote, "live in what is happening" will (grudgingly) be my new mantra.

If you are still reading I will continue grousing about one other wrong--for today.  Weight gain.  This treatment is also known to pack the fat on and there have been disappointing reports of 20-40 pound increases.  Why oh why?  Are we not suffering enough from the aches and pains to strip of us one more thing--looking good in a bathing suit?  It doesn't help to hear that all this extra weight will be beneficial when we need it in future treatment sessions and start the slippery slope down the tube.  The rate I am going methinks I will need a bigger tube.

Whine, whine, whine.  "Enough!" My mother would have shouted.  Read the bottom quote. Someone must have parroted it right from her mouth and she would have been right...again.
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