Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#516 Not One More

Champagne Joy

Two deaths noted in less than a week on Facebook.  Unless you are friends or family or a metastatic sister you may not have heard the huge sucking sound as these brave tireless workers for the MBC cause left this earth.

I did not know them personally.  One need not physically meet any metster face to face to connect in some invisible way.  There is a tight bond that weaves us together.  When we read about another living and thriving "sister" ripped from us it follows with a punch in the stomach that leaves us dizzy and breathless.  Not fair, not fair!

They were both relentless fighters for more funding for MBC.  Champagne Joy ( love the name and the person behind it) shouted and screamed from the rooftops.  She founded the group #cancerland and was an outspoken member of our community.

Beth Calabatta was a swimmer, outstanding athlete and compassionate human being.  We had connected on several occasions to join forces to swim for MBC funding.  Unfortunately on my part it never worked out but I continued to follow her swimming escapades and fundraising techniques.  Actually, she was a outstanding swimmer and I might have been a bit intimidated by her strength and prowess in the water but that wasn't the reason we never met.  It was one of those moments you put off until the timing is right---which it never seemed to be--and now she is gone.  A lesson learned to do it today, not tomorrow, but now.  Read her latest blog entry for insight on this incredible woman,  Dying is about Living.

These are only two mentioned of the 791 who will die of metastatic breast cancer this week.  The names could go on and on.  Each person loved by many and lost forever.  Outrage! Where is the outrage?  Research must be a top priority on the national scene and our elected officials need to hear this from all of us.  It is our best hope to have more time with our families.   Funding for researchers is what we need.  We CAN NOT let one more person die without making that effort to give scientists more ammunition to tackle this disease.

As Champagne said, "I won't leave this earth until I see the beginnings of change." View her Facebook page and learn about this formidable woman  She began something the rest of us need to finish--finding a cure or at least making it a chronic disease before one more bright light goes out.

Today I am feeling saddened, vulnerable and pissed.  Wake up NIH, wake up NCI, wake up women and men who are all as susceptible as Champagne and Beth.  Cancer strikes and does not care about your social status, economic status, whatever status--help us because it may eventually benefit you or your loved ones.

Go to UW Carbone Cancer Center  and donate.  Let's make sure we are beginning the change for a cure.  Already donated?  Take action --please email your representative and senators-- and demand increased funding for NIH and NCI.  Do it today and then ask twenty friends to do the same.  Together we can make a difference.

Thanks for reading # 516 of 7777.

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