Monday, October 28, 2019

#581 Friends--Priceless!

Great buddies being there for each other!

October 28

Perfect timing for this goal today.  My good friend, Peggy, is celebrating her birthday today and I will be leaving shortly to join a number of friends hiking Picnic Point and then gathering for Babcock ice cream for guaranteed laughter and camaraderie.  Friends--priceless. Click here to find out how your health can improve when..."You've got a friend"

MBC Fact
Is metastatic breast cancer a chronic disease?
  1. Not yet, but that is an important goal. As researchers identify more and better treatments, MBC could become a chronic disease like diabetes or HIV/AIDS, where patients can be stable on medications for 20 or more years. MBCN

Today's outstanding supporter is our local restaurant , Headquarters. They were relatively new in the area five years ago when we approached them about helping us raise funds. Their immediate response was a yes. Beginning with a percentage of a day's earnings to sponsoring an impressive volleyball tournament, which has continued each year in memory of Maggie--another MBC patient, they have never denied a request to fund research.  A huge thank you to them as they exemplify the meaning of the phrase, "It takes a village...".  

Thanks for reading #581 of 7777+.  Consider the 155,000 of us living with this disease as your friends and donate to make it a chronic disease.  Donate to More For Stage IV fund at the UW Carbone Cancer Center


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