Monday, July 4, 2016

#476 Give Me a Little Bib Action

Lake  Monona--clear waters
You're busy, I'm busy, but please take a moment and go to my website and print out a bib, wear it doing something active and then post it on social media. GET THE BIB HERE! If you check out #tri4mbc on Facebook, you will see some incredible poses with the bib.  Now don't just sit here reading about this, go get creative and keep the buzz going on saving lives.  We can make a difference and broadcasting about the low priority in research for this disease will keep spreading the word.  (Pass this on to your friends and their friends and their friends.) 

Go to my website to see the news release on the latest videos of the swim (which was awesome) and other facts about how you can help.  The best ever husband, Rob, would appreciate your presence on this site as he has diligently worked to make it happen.  He also knows this could keep me around for a long time and on most days that makes him a very happy man (reality check--we all can be a pain in the a$$ some days).  

Pause today on this happy Fourth of July and think of those who would benefit from your gift to give them more time with their families.  ONE WOMAN MANY LAKES is the place to be to be part of the solution.

Thanks for caring and reading # 476 of 7777.

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