Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#477 There's No Place Like Home


Only a few days late but I've had both a roaring tornado and a splendid rainbow hovering over my head either one or the other or simultaneously.   After two and a half days of advocating for MBC in Washington DC I'm convinced we are on the right track for getting the word out to researchers and those who can make a difference (those were the rainbow circling my head days).

Unfortunately the tornado blasted me on my trip back home when not one but two delayed planes kept me from being like Dorothy as the winds took me from Denver to Chicago and still couldn't quite make it to the home front.  Wandering around O'Hare airport at 2:00 AM trying to find a shuttle to take me to a hotel for some much needed sleep almost put me over the edge until the rainbow emerged with some extremely helpful workers guiding me to the right door.

My Denver journey had me sitting next to a delightful young mother who was interested in my past few days doing peer review work on grants in DC.  Nothing like having a captive audience on a plane where she endured my ranting on funding and awareness.  Actually she was surprised at the facts and thanked me for the mini lesson on MBC.  Rainbows were hovering at this point despite the ongoing storm of disasters with the flights.

In the end, I made it back home with my bag intact and a greater appreciation for scientists, frequent travelers and my very own bed.

Now go out and help find some rainbows for those living with MBC by visiting my website at

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