Friday, November 25, 2016

#497 No Words But Getting There

The next generation

Just begin.  One word at a time and maybe the rest will follow suit.  Since my sister's unexpected death and now the news of my cancer spreading, I have found it difficult to concentrate on anything except getting from day one to day two.  Writing was once my refuge.  Now there is no consolation.

Heavy burdens to carry and as I trudge forward through the murkiness of life I am mystified by our belief of a blissful carefree existence where everything goes as planned.  Wrong! Life never received the "happiness" memo and although deep down in our gut we understand it as tragedies do occur, we still carry this wild belief that if we follow the rules we will live happily ever after--prince (or princess), glass slippers and all.

But I must look on the bright side--the glass half full--the "gather the troops 'cause we are going to win this one". Reflecting on the months prior to my week from hell we were blessed with a much anticipated new grand baby and my daughter's wedding that took my breath away with the beauty and family love surrounding us.  Those are the things I cling to and comfort me when feeling overwhelmed.  Good things do happen so when we get blindsided and punched in the gut, we remember with sweet memories soothing our broken-hearted souls.

  I will wallow when needed but to move forward I must continue to advocate for more funding and research for metastatic breast cancer.  My campaign has intensified, my purpose deepened because I now fight to stay alive to be there for my sister's children and grandchildren.  I am their champion to find a cure so they will live long lives without this disease lurking in their future.

 My sister is smiling thinking of me as the caretaker when she was always the master at watching over all of us.  Rest now, Kathy, and we will take it from here.

Help me help them and all of our children.  Go to and donate, get involved and stand with me. This would make my sister pat you on the back with the words, "Good job and thanks".

Thanks for reading #497 of 7777.

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