Monday, November 28, 2016

#498 I Refuse to Get Bucked Off In This Rodeo

Dr. Ruth O'Regan
I'm back after a difficult November and am ready to slash back against cancer with force.   Do you hear the blood curdling scream of anger?   The ugly fact is I do not have the time to wait for the Moonshot to deliver the money or cancer organizations to figure out who gets how much funding.  I need answers and a cure NOW.

  Recent scans disclosed this *$&# cancer has decided to outsmart the faithful drug that has been my daily companion for twenty-six months.  A brief side note--the longevity of this treatment is almost an unheard occurrence in the stage iv community.  Although it's been a good ride--manageable side effects--the gig is up and it's time to move on.

This somewhat bump-less joy ride came to an end with progression found in both hips, pelvic area, upper arms and shoulder blades.  My favorite onc doc broke the news to me with the reassurance of another drug up his sleeve for tackling the next rodeo (or round of treatments, however, I like the sound of rodeo--makes me feel like a cowgirl).

But I digress...

With this down right crummy news it is with more gusto than I would have previously announced that One Woman Many Lakes will be partnering and raising funds with none other than the one and only

UW Carbone Cancer Center here in Madison, Wisconsin. 

 The UWCCC is a nationally recognized leader in breast cancer and specializes in research that translates to specific drugs and treatments for people just like me.  This is what I need right NOW.  I can not wait five more years and hope to figure out why my cancer cells mutated and spread to other parts of my body. Hope is not a strategy.  Research with money backing it along with top notch researchers will give me the treatments I need... and that is a hopeful strategy.

The brilliant Dr. Ruth O'Regan (from UW Carbone) and her band of heroes have devoted their lives to saving my life along with my 250,000 friends living with MBC.  She and the others will not allow 113 sisters, mothers, friends to die every day on their watch as they seek to find the link to end this dreadful disease.  I'm thrilled they are willing to ride in this rodeo with me, and for that reason I support their valiant efforts with a little ($$$) help from my friends (you!).

Stay tuned to what you can do to help--we need it more than ever before (written by someone who is a little undone by the latest scan).

Thanks for reading # 498 of 7777.


  1. There is tonight worse than progression. 26 months is amazing, may the next one give you as much time. Research is key. I am at the point that they need to come up with something every couple of months for me to hope to stay alive (and my body has to tolerate it). I hate cancer! *Hugs*

    1. Thanks for helping me recognize that 26 months was amazing. We are working hard on getting the next set of drugs for all of us. Research is our best hope! Hugs back at you.