Monday, December 5, 2016

#499 Hanging on For You

Hanging on for these three plus three more!

I'm hurting. I'm angry. I'm fed up with this whole cancer "journey".  Who would decide to go on a trip like this for crying out loud?  It's the pits.

There--that rant is over and now it's time to focus on what to do about it. 

  If you have already taken out your wallets, thank you.  Now, don't go away yet.  Get ten (or more) people to donate by the end of the year.  Ask them to share their holiday gift giving with those of us who might not make it to the next one.  If your ten (plus) friends could donate ten dollars (or more) and then those ten (+) friends had ten (+) more friends...well, you get the picture.  This could be monumental!  And you would be part of it.  Helping the MBC community celebrate because research is working for us.

How can you do that?  The explanation below explains the new direction of our who, what and why  intentions.  Rewrite it in your own words and send it out in a mass email to your friends.  Tell them about your buddy Mary; or Megan or Kelli or Beth --someone you know living with this disease.  Tell them we are trying to save my daughter and grand daughter or theirs.  Tell them we need their help TODAY.  Tell them we can not wait for another holiday season to go by without a cure.  Tell them time is running out for many of us.  Please, just tell them...

To our Friends,
Our intent in raising funds has been to support the best research that can create drugs and treatments for the metastatic breast cancer patient. The goal has always been to increase the precious time we have with loved ones.

We are pleased to announce a collaboration of One Woman Many Lakes with the breast cancer research group at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. UW Carbone is nationally recognized as a leader in research that translates to specific drugs and treatments for those living with MBC.

A fund specifically for MBC research (called More for Stage IV) has been set up at the UW Foundation. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 by the end of the year to award a fellowship in the breast cancer research field for a year. This is a highly tangible way to develop the next generation of metastatic breast cancer researchers.
All donations received by December 31 will be matched! Click the DONATE button on and give those with MBC more time. 

It's in your ball park now.  We are tired, hurting and trying to hang on, so please, show us we are worth it.

Thanks for reading # 499 of 7777.

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