Monday, February 15, 2016

# 454 Mets Million Dollar Monday

How to make a million bucks

A million bucks.  What would you do for a million dollars?  Buy a mansion? A yacht?  A trip around the world?  How about saving lives?

My goal is to raise a million dollars for research,  research that could possibly save lives that are now lost to MBC. Will a million bucks do it?  No clue but it will get the attention of scientists and those in the know to find a cure.

Maybe if all the metsters pledged to raise a million bucks we would find it.  Or what about all those who are touched by cancer raise a million?  Maybe, just maybe.

Not that much moola in your pocket?  How about writing to your senator on the HELP committee. That's where the big dollars are sitting so let's grab some of that gold for us.  We want more time with our families and for a million dollars, we may get it.

I've been ranting on and on about more funding and while I do that, 40,000 will die this year.  We can stop this.  Calling all cancer organizations, the government and you to climb on board and make this happen.

A million.  My One Woman Many Lakes campaign is one fifth there. I don't want to run out of time before we can claim triumphant over this disease.  I owe this to my daughter and future grand daughter and all of your daughters and grand daughters.

You can help add to the coffers and here's how.

1. Call your local restaurant and ask them to devote one night of sales with a percentage going to METAvivor.
2. Email everyone on your address list and for a donation.  Use my story or any of the 155,000 stories out there to get their attention.
3.  Find a company who will match donations.
4. Hold a garage sale
5. Get family members involved to help
6. On and on and on--use your own creativity and dig out the funds.

Be bold and brave like the 155,000 metsters living with this disease and act now.  We need you and we need your money.

Go today to donate to

Thanks for reading # 454 of 7777.

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