Monday, February 1, 2016

# 452 Time Matters

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Mets Monday and a brand new month--a quick update on the latest.

  Eight mile hikes,  mile and a half swims and soaking in the rays has led me down a happy and healthy path while living out here in sunny California.  Questions from people--"What? You don't look sick" and (one of my least favorites) "You are going to beat this" are expected since I have not been on my MBC education campaign.  A entirely new audience to educate!  Let the fun begin.

Ann Silberman is a gifted blog writer who has shared an informational video on cancer--"When it comes to cancer, time matters" by C. Anthony Blau.  Those of us living with MBC are quite cognizant of time and what it means.  Speak loudly and hear us roar.

Ann Silberman's article

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