Monday, February 22, 2016

#455 When Minutes Matter

Making moments count when not snoozing!

A brief shout out for my sensational onc doc appointment this week.  I was slightly nervous going in to the office due to my rising liver numbers on the last check up so was bracing myself for a possible drug change which would lead to adjusting to a whole new range of side effects, another trip back to Wisconsin and all the pain in the arse details that this disease inflicts upon us.


Drum roll...excellent results all around despite a sky high blood pressure on the first reading but on the second try the numbers decreased most likely due to the good report. I'm not a numbers kind of gal but AC (after cancer) they have taken on a whole new meaning as I scour them with a fine tooth comb watching the rise and fall of certain counts.

 California sunshine or my eldest son's comment, "Swimming is the right moderator for the drug" must be working its magic on those nasty cancer cells. I don't need a reason just reassurance that maintaining this high will continue for quite some time (7777 days?). It has been almost eighteen months on this drug that typically is effective for 8-9 months.  WooHoo!

It is Mets Monday and Dr. Toby Campbell from the UW Carbone Center has written a piece that every terminal patient will nod their heads saying, "Yes, yes, yes".  Every moment is critical but it can be exhausting especially when sitting quietly listen to the sounds of silence (thanks, Simon and Garfunkel) is what matters for that precise moment. After reading this I realized that it is okay to put  my feet up and ponder nothing or everything.  Stillness is acceptable--it should be on the bucket list.

Go to Dr. Toby Campbell's article as it is a must read: When minutes matter .

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