Monday, March 7, 2016

#457 Rainbows and All That

Do you see it?

Her simple but sincere question made me pause for a moment.  "How do you keep going, I mean, isn't it daunting to deal with every day?" I muttered some response about staying optimistic because it beats the whiny downtrodden grouch I could easily become.

In reality, those dark moments swirling in my head can surface out of nowhere. It's like a tornado-- unexpected flashes of havoc that leaves me dodging the flying debris that seems to penetrate my entire being.  Why, what if, when, how????...those words and visions of what's to come scares the *&^&^% out of me and renders me towards a dark funk while I cover my head as the storm cloud passes through.

And then...

Our hike yesterday (Hike for Hope benefitting the City of Hope Hospital in California).

Joining the crowd of super supporters and being presented with a glorious rainbow stretching across the canyon brightened the skies and spirits for all of us. The swirling darkness of the tornado slowly slipped away as thoughts of better things to come raised its comforting head.  There will soon be a baby to be loved and the highly anticipated wedding to celebrate. The thought that life is too short to huddle in the basement of emotions waiting for the passing of the storm clears my head.

I suppose there will always be a momentary pause in this now cancer laden life and then I must remember to move on and look for the rainbow.

To keep those rainbow moments coming--go to and donate to METAvivor or ACS.

Thanks for listening and reading # 457 of 7777.



  1. Loved this one -and love the photos! Wow. Glorious. Thanks for sharing, Mary. xo

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Sending love,prayers and hugs.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Sending love,prayers and hugs.