Monday, March 14, 2016

#458 Helloooo! Anyone Out There?


Perusing the internet, there are a multitude of resources and support groups for women and men living with MBC. They often are a closed group who are compassionate listeners and offer free advice on anything including side effects from your drug to an electronic shoulder to cry on when needed.

The groups are unique with contents ranging from a strong belief in their faiths to being downright pissed off and doing something about this on their own.  This last group of women/men has appealed to me with their rattling of cages and making noise to get heard.

Metup is my shining star for getting things done and moving people in the right direction with two powerful leaders at the helm and a bountiful of backers pushing them on.  Jennie Grimes, one of the cofounders, is at the NBCC convention this week to rally our cry and ask/demand answers to why we are not counted and acknowledged.  I applaud her efforts and support what she is doing for the rest of us living day to day with this disease.

Please take the time to read Metup's demands asking for more and support us by writing to these organizations with questions about the status of stage iv and what they can do to help us.  Joining our hands together will make us more powerful and we need your hands to clasp with ours to get through one more day/month/year.

Go to Metup Demands NBCC Do More.  Time is not on our side so act now to see how you can help.

Thanks for reading # 458 not 7777.

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