Monday, March 21, 2016

#459 Running for Our Lives

Runner's World

Holy Toledo! What a woman!  Carol Chaoui, in her words, "values each day and doesn't get caught up in nonsense".  But that isn't what makes her so extraordinary.  What is heroic about her is after getting THAT phone call she grabbed her running shoes and showed cancer who is boss.

It's not my kind of running or jogging--working up a sweat for a 5k.   It's running marathons with not one, but two stage iv diagnoses--thyroid cancer and metastatic breast cancer.  A double double whammy.

Pick yourself up and keep going--a lesson for all of us. Thanks for this, Carol.  We are all cheering from the sidelines and if it gets us off our duffs and get physical, you've done your job.

Read more about this phenomenal woman in Runner's World.

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