Monday, August 1, 2016

#480 Living With a Zombie!

Living with a Zombie

It's METS Monday and Mary is off at a retreat so she asked me to be her guest blogger.

Over the past year, Mary and I have had our moments of visiting the ER. In the back of your mind you always think any medical issue is related to cancer. So when she had trouble swallowing/choking I started googling throat cancer while sitting in the ER. It turned out her Schatzki’s Ring was closing up. This winter after being bent over with terrible stomach pain causing another trip to the ER, I goggled stomach cancer. It turned out to be diverticulitis.

So last week while fishing in Montana I get a text from our son that mom is heading to the ER with an eye injury. Okay, MBC can spread to other organs— but the eye? She was gardening and got poked by a stick. No cancer, just a subconjunctival hemorrhage.

When I got home and met her at the airport I saw that my wife had turned into a Zombie. As her caregiver and beloved husband who knows what’s next.


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