Monday, August 29, 2016

#484 This Day Matters

The Soon To Be Married Couple

Life events take on an entirely new meaning when you have cancer.  Every moment, every opportunity to be present is priceless and cherished.

A case in point--our only and favorite (of course)  daughter is getting married.  A major life event for us and, when she was just a wee one, I never doubted I wouldn't see this day unfold.  Unfortunately I hadn't anticipated that being there with her as Rob and I walk her down the aisle could be in jeopardy.  Who would have thought cancer would rear its ugly head and put this magical moment in our lives as an uncertain possibility.

Don't worry, I am still kicking around and according to my latest appointment, "doing quite well considering...".  Yeah, the cancer is still there, the statistics haven't changed and I've lost two dear friends in the last eight months... but I am still here. Nothing will get in the way of me sitting in the front row for the best day of her life.

Cancer thinks it can rob us of these moments but not this time. It has failed to ruin the wild and crazy anticipatory planning because we have shoved its sorry little arse someplace where the sun doesn't shine.  This ugly disease did not get an invitation to the wedding -- worrisome thoughts and nagging feelings are replaced by jubilation and joyfulness--those are to be the sentiments for the day.

Words of wisdom from the mother of the bride?  None that you already know but this MOTB can't wait to watch her precious child step into the next phase of life and I WILL BE THERE TO SEE IT!  As Heather always reminded us, "every day matters"; and this one, well, this one is one that matters the most.

To make sure I am around a bit longer--I have another child to marry off and, hopefully, a few more grandchildren to spoil--go to and help us all.

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