Saturday, August 13, 2016

#481 Remembering the 113

I have been hollering and asking for more funding, more awareness and more for stage iv for two years.  Between Metavivor and ACS we have raised a ton of money-- close to two hundred thousand dollars since beginning this campaign.  That's mega research funding for those talented scientists.  Is it enough?  No, it will never be enough until we can check this off as a disease that can be cured or at least labeled as chronic.

  Awareness is the second part of my campaign and if education is what it takes, then we must spread the word. 113 will die today from metastatic breast cancer.  Let's stop this madness now. Go to print out the bib or make your own, wear it while doing any kind of activity and post it on social media with the hashtag #tri4mbc. Be part of the solution.  The future generations will thank you.

My mets sisters are dying.  Please help us.

Thanks for reading #481 of 7777.

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