Monday, January 18, 2016

# 450 Eureka!

A couple of metsters loving life.

Cancer makes me sick.  Really, it makes me raging sick to my stomach that so many are dying, so many; and yet life goes on for anyone not touched by this disease (which, unfortunately, is increasingly becoming a smaller number).  I'd like to hold up a stop sign and give us a little more time before one more succumbs to this disease.

It is a helpless feeling that we rely on talented researchers who rely on grant money who rely on fundraisers who rely on generous folks who will give us more precious moments with our families.  A precarious tightrope that we are forced to walk--will there be a cure in our lifetime, will the next drug make the cancer disappear, will a researcher cry, "Eureka! I've found it"?

Encouraging words came from President Obama's call to action with VP Joe Biden leading the way but we need to act now and fast and...hurry up doggone it, because we need a cure for this *&^^%$ disease.

113 will die today.  113 times all the people who loved those 113 will equal thousands of people who are devastated over the loss of that special person in their life.  We can make this stop once and for all.  Go to METAvivor and ACS will help! and put up that stop sign to prevent one more motherless child, one more heartache for a family.  You can be part of the solution by sharing this post with your friends and their friends and on and on and on.

Read Dr. Love's article on the next step.  Is Metastatic Breast Cancer Really Incurable?

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