Monday, January 25, 2016

#451 Caregivers=Priceless

Lunch break on our hike.

I have said it many times--I could not do as well as I am doing living with cancer without the help of my lovable husband.  He is constantly by my side, watching out for me, listening to the doctor's instructions, worrying too much and taking up the slack when I am spent.  Never complaining but I can see it in his eyes--"What's next, what will be around the corner for us and can I keep going?"

The following article addresses what our caregivers must endure.  We wish it could be an easier task but it is what it is.  Kudos to any caregiver out there and know that every little thing you do for us is a gift that, unfortunately, can not be reciprocated.

Tough job no one should have to take on but thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing it.  Now go take a break--we will be okay.

From the Huffington Post--Secondhand Cancer

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