Monday, April 4, 2016

#461 Bikers/Runners--We Need YOU!

Calling all biking/running metsters!  Lesley Glenn and I have joined forces to continue to spread the word on MBC.  She is a California gal who climbs mountains--really big ones--so the two of us put our heads together and decided to show the world that we will not be ignored.  Having metastatic breast cancer will not stop us from living life climbing up mountains or swimming across lakes.

Our plan is to have someone--preferably on the east coast or from the south--to bike or run the same day we are swimming and climbing.  The media will be involved to broadcast our determination to live life to the fullest and bring awareness to this forgotten disease.  Right now we are both healthy enough to tackle this challenge for our mets sisters.

If you know anyone with mets who is a biker or a runner and would love the challenge, please put them in touch with us.  The date is June 28th.  All metsters are invited to join in on part or all of the activities.

1 Cure
1 Day
3 Women

113 women/men will die today from this disease.  We need a cure NOW!

Let's do this!

Thanks for reading #461 of 7777.

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