Monday, April 18, 2016

#464 I HATE CANCER, But YOU Can Help

More time to climb mountains with this guy.

It's Mets Monday and I wish I could give a glowing report on how life is like for the metster community--that we are all well and thriving.  Unfortunately as I write this, 113 will die today as they did yesterday and will tomorrow.  It's the same old story but this week seems to be more difficult  after hearing about the loss of many young Facebook friends and the spiraling decline of others. For every positive report  of being NED or good blood counts there are too many others losing their lives.  HATE +*&^^ CANCER.

What can you do to help?  Go to my web page, write letters (templates included), donate and share with others the facts about metastatic breast cancer.  Get the word out that we are not dead yet and we want to continue to thrive as long as we can.  Time is what we need and that translates into medical research to give us hope.

The last weekend in April Rob and I will travel to Washington DC and meet with legislators about the lack of funding for MBC.  To have the ear of the senators and representatives from our district for a short time will hopefully render their understanding of this disease and get their support for the much needed research money.

Go to to give us more time with our families---and pass this on.

Support the metastatic community by going to  White House Petition--

Add metastasis research as a specific goal of the Cancer Moonshot

 It takes a nanosecond to sign and could save our lives.  Please, please pass this important piece of information on to others.

Thanks for reading #464 of 7777.

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