Saturday, May 7, 2016

#467 Your Mom Will Love This!

If You Can

Need a little advice for a Mother's Day gift?  Trust me--moms don't need more stuff.  Seriously, some of us are downsizing and getting rid of the mountains of odds and ends hanging around the house. We truly are thrilled to receive your gift and will tell you how much we love the ____________ that was picked out with care.


We also want to be around for a long long time to watch you grow, graduate, marry and all the various events that will take place in a lifetime.  A gift to finding a cure for metastatic breast cancer would give us that wish of being there for you.

 One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetimes and one out of three of those women will have it metastasize and become a terminal disease. Long range goals for graduation, wedding, etc. are on hold as we hope for the miracle drug that will give us more time.

Help us and yourself today by donating to and give a gift that will have more meaning for you and for your dear mother--and could last all of us a lifetime.

On a side subject, check out this website-- Speaker Paul Ryan --and see me advocating for MBC.

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