Monday, May 2, 2016

#466 DC--Hear Our Voices for MBC

Senator Baldwin

The Capitol in Washington, DC--the place where our voices should be heard was our wild and crazy Thursday talking with anyone who would pay attention to us.

It was a day that flew by while we literally ran from place to place speaking with senators, our representative and the Speaker of the House. Across the party lines we were well received as I told my story about the lack of research dollars for MBC, the need to increase funding of NCI and how SEER needs to include us (stage IV) in their data tracking.

Senator Baldwin's office allowed us an entire hour--part of which we spoke to an engaging young woman seemingly appalled with the horrible statistics and facts of this disease.  After our meeting she  introduced us to Senator Baldwin and encouraged me to tell my story--again--so the senator could hear it.  Yep, she understands what we want and how we can't wait for everyone--Republicans and Democrats-- to get on the same page.  I kept stressing time is critical--we are dying.
On the Speaker's balcony

From there we hightailed it over to Speaker Ryan's office and arrived 25 minutes early.  No problem as the (again, very young) aide gave us a tour of his main office and explained the history behind the Speaker of the House.  Speaker Ryan was gracious and supportive and, of course, reassured me of his  support in the fight for more funding.  His mother-in-law died of this disease so knows the devastation it leaves behind.

Senator Johnson's aide
From there we fast walked through the underground tunnel back to the Hart building and met with Senator Johnson's aide.  By this time I personalized my story to include young women who die so quickly of this disease and I could see she was moved (and concerned--could this happen to me?) by the scenario.  Yes, Senator Johnson supports health issues and would continue she reassured me.  Getting metastatic on his radar was my mission.

Senator Pocan
By this time I began feeling like a true badger as we again went through the underground tunnel to the Cannon building to visit with Representative Pocan.  He was on board and expressed his frustration trying to pass anything in Congress that dealt with funding.  It was reassuring that I had his ear and he is willing to push our agenda.

Senator Shaheen
Back to the underground and to the Senate building to visit with New Hampshire Senator Shaheen (thanks to my sister-in-law for setting this up).  It was her comment that she is here to represent all of the United States that gave me the confidence to ask for more funding and investigating the SEER data.  She had a relative die from this disease so the personal interest was there.

If the only outcome from this encounter is the word "metastatic" on everyone's radar--I feel it was a successful first meeting. Unfortunately it is not over yet and we will be back to keep the push for more funding. Don't ignore stage iv.

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Also, go to White House Petition for Metastasis to sign a very important petition.

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  1. Congratulation --- If anyone can get Washington to do something good it is you Mary. Go Girl GO

  2. You are a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations on your success to be heard and make a difference! You are such an inspiration!