Monday, May 9, 2016

#468 She's Arrived!!!

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I love babies.  I love their smell, their touch-- everything about them.  Friends show me pictures of their grand children and I ooh and ahh over them and honestly am moved by their beauty.

Well, I have to announce the most beautiful baby ever born arrived on May 4th and she is none other than my gorgeous, brilliant GRANDDAUGHTER.  Perfection doesn't even come close to describing this precious baby.

And the emotions I feel when I see pictures of her are overwhelming.  All my "grandmother" friends warned me of this phenomenon but until she arrived I had no idea that looking at her would make the old ticker skip a beat or two.  Pure love is what I am feeling as tears of happiness flood down my cheeks.  For a tough old bird, this is quite the revelation!  Of course Grandpa Gooze can't even read a book about becoming a grandfather without crying his eyes out.  Check out Billy Crystal's book, I Already Know I Love You,  and see if you can stumble through it with dry eyes.

Living with cancer has made me appreciate every moment that comes along;  but this moment, this life changing moment, is indescribable and I swear I am turning inside out over the joy of this new being.

I am now patiently (or impatiently) counting the days until I have this baby in my arms.  It will be difficult, but I promise to try not to be the grandmother from hell shoving a photo book the size of a Volkswagen in your face.  If I see your backside running from me I will know I have overstepped the grandma bragging rights.

Now, let's make sure this beautiful baby knows that in her lifetime cancer will have a cure so donate to and make us all very very happy.

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  1. Congratulations Mary and Rob, bring us as many pictures as you want...we will all ooh and Ahhhh as we are softies for babies too!

  2. Now, my bro & you know how I have felt the last 5 & 1/2 years, with my most recent coming on 4/14/16. I am fortunate that all 3 grandsons live within easy driving distance, for now.