Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#490 Catfish

Today is not my usual blog day, however, Rob insisted everyone should know about my change of heart with my continuing love/hate relationship with cats.  First let me state that I have loved cats prior to Muffin entering our lives.  I found them to be an interesting specimen guaranteed to frustrate you even while embracing your heart.  I can name a number of cats I have been quite fond of but when Muffin entered the arena, it all changed.  

Now this kitten might bring me back to loving the creatures again.  Read how Catfish captured this-- set in stone...never getting another cat again--heart.

WENT FISHING AND CAUGHT A CAT by Rob Gooze (lover of all animals)

Tuesday was a beautiful fall day so I took Mary fly fishing around Montfort, WI. We were unsuccessful at my favorite spot, then the 2nd area already had fishermen so decided to try one more spot on the Blue River. Again we were shut out, but before we left for home, Mary needed a bathroom so she headed back towards the stream. Once there she now heard loud crying like a fox, but then a small black kitten emerges for the brush and heads right up to her.

We have had lots of cats in our marriage but the last one, Muffin, died about 18 months ago and said we are done with cats, especially as Mary had a love/hate relationship with this last one.

I knew there is not a barn or farm house anywhere near this spot so assumed the kitten was abandoned. Mary picked her up and I googled the Iowa County humane society to drop her off on the way back. Was I surprised that Mary said let’s just take her home for now as the kitten sat contently in her lap?

A stop a Bill’s Grocery got us a litter box, cat food and litter and this morning was the vet for a checkup and shots. The vet said the kitten is about 3 months old. Say hello to the newest member of the Gooze clan, Catfish.

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