Monday, October 10, 2016

#491 Roller Coaster Ride!

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A roller coaster.  A few people I know who are living with cancer were discussing what life is now AD (after diagnosis).  Good days, bad days, days when getting out of bed is a struggle, days when energy abounds.  One of the difficulties of this disease is to figure out when you will be flying high on that coaster or spiraling down to the bottom of the ride.

We all agreed there is no rhyme or reason on any particular day,   It sounds like a cliche, but those-- feeling great and can tackle anything-- days are cherished and embraced and made to matter.  Two in a row--what a gift!  Unfortunately right around the corner may be a day that isn't quite as (how can I say this?) agreeable.  Not such a wonderful present.

The discussion delved deeper into wondering if we let others know about the highs and lows or do we keep it to ourselves not wanting to worry or burden anyone.  We all agreed there is an inner circle who "get it" and will often be included on our daily rides.  Putting on a smile for others on the off days often helps us get through it even if that grin is a grimace.

We also agreed cancer has taught us many words that begin with the prefix "re"...

readjust, reconfigure, rewind, reset, rethink, redo, rewrite, restore, reevaluate and on and on.

It has also taught us

And that's what we all intend to do.

 Now go to and find out how to help us all have the ride of our lives.

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