Monday, October 31, 2016

#494 The Underbelly--Check It Out.

The Underbelly

As I comb through various websites and closed metastatic Facebook walls, I am heartened by the number of advocates rallying the cry for more funding and, my favorite, "don't ignore stage iv".  It may be the ubiquitous theory when you buy a red car, all you see are red cars on the road, hence, once you have MBC all you read about is MBC. I would like to think we are finally getting recognized and this is due to a few vocal groups ranting and spreading the word on what this disease actually looks like to the 250,000 of us living with it.

Met Up along with METAvivor are two organizations who are particularly forthright in sounding off in Washington DC and the general public.  Exciting and reassuring to see this disease move into the limelight of certain institutions that have the power to turn our hope into a reality--more time, much more time...a lifetime of time.

The other source of good news for those living with breast cancer is an online magazine titled, The Underbelly.  I would attempt to describe everything about this superb publication but would probably leave out something crucial in my telling. This is a brief description to entice you to read more--"We're not here for pink ribbons & silver linings. We share powerful breast cancer stories & more! Writers welcome."

Go visit the  Living with breast cancer or not, there is much to learn and educate yourself about this disease.  I encourage you to read the journals and delve into the minds and souls of what it is like living on the edge.

Needless to say I was pleased and flattered when they published my poem, Swimming the Course.  It can be found at The Underbelly.   Thanks to the editors for allowing me to express myself and acknowledge the trials of this disease.  You are the best.

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