Monday, January 9, 2017

#504 Do You Feel Lucky?

Who said black cats aren't lucky?

Someone in a movie script once asked, "Do you feel lucky?".  Lucky?  No, I have cancer--bad luck abounds in all directions and hasn't been kind to me lately...however, the past few days may have given me the opportunity to make a shift in gears in the hall of fame luck category.  

Football lucky.  Yesterday a group of our fun loving football fans gathered to watch those amazing Green Bay Packers win.  Of course we had to create a pool to make it interesting--throw in five bucks and then there was something about adding the numbers together (Math and football are not entirely my thing).   Not sure what transpired but on the last touchdown the numbers worked in my favor to proclaim me the big winner of a grand $20 bucks.  

Life saving lucky. That's not the only luck happening around our household in this new year. Our monumental campaign for metastatic breast cancer that began in December generated a whopping $87,000 with the match.  Luck for me and 250,000 women and men living with this disease all happened due to your generosity.  Luck for our families that the tireless researchers can proceed with this windfall and discover that "landing on the moon" cure.  Holy Toledo! It not only thrilled us but surpassed our original goal--raise 25 grand and match it to get to 50. Surprise! Surprise!  You nearly doubled that goal.

This proposal provides our researcher, Dr. Josh Lang, to continue his vital work on the use of circulating tumor cells to interpret cancer progression and discover targeted therapies specifically geared to HR+ breast cancers.  He had success with prostate cancer cells and feels breast cancer research will benefit from his revelations.  

You, our supporters, held us up and raised us beyond our goal with your generous donations.  I know you gave because of your kind hearts; and my thank you card, my verbal thanks and kissing of your feet does not adequately share my utmost gratitude.  You are my shining stars and these gifts give me hope that I will have more time with my family...especially my one and only beautiful granddaughter. A gazillion thanks to you.

If you missed this campaign you can still donate.  100% of all your donations will continue to fund innovative stage IV breast cancer research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.  Go to UW Carbone Cancer Center.  Please share with your friends and others so our researcher can find the answer to make this a chronic disease. We all know research is our best hope.

Thanks for reading # 504 of 7777.

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