Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#507 Discombobulated...again.

The Torture Chamber

Late post getting out today. Can you tell I'm a bit discombobulated?  Quick update--had the MRI but no results yet.  Stay tune to the drama of Days of Our Lives...

It is getting late on this Monday night as I stare at the computer screen thinking of a profound statement to make...and there is nothing.  Why am I at a loss of words when there is so much yet to say?

Cancer slowly creeps in leaving me totally exhausting or frustrated on a day to day basis. As someone once said, "If it's not one thing, it is another".  And the other is what has thrown me for a loop this time around and has left me wordless.

A brief history because you are probably shaking your heads trying to figure out what the heck the whining is all about.  Last week I received my monthly shots in each bum and one in my arm.  No problem; and as I walked out of the onc office a giddy feeling swept over me for the relatively painless ordeal.

Until..Wham!  The next day arrived with my neck screeching out in pain and a headache that should be X rated for the obscenities spewing from my mouth. Must be a reaction to the prior day's injection fest as I took a few extra pain relievers and slowly went about my day thinking that tomorrow has to be better--with the sun coming out, etc, etc, etc. A big negative on that score.  Right now it is pain 10, me--in fetal position-- 0.  For six days it has not let up and the mega pain relievers aren't making a dent in the torture chamber I'm locked in with the key thrown across the floor.

After a number of calls to various docs, I am scheduled for an MRI or better known as the tomb of terror.  Nervous? Apprehensive?  Scared shitless?  Oh yeah to all of the above.  And nothing to say except, "let's get 'er done".

Ahhh! The life of a metster.  Ups and downs and ins and outs but we keep plugging along hoping the next day will be a bit brighter, a bit easier, and less of a pain in the neck than last week.

I will not apologize for this whining blog--my good buddy, Bob, tells me it is completely unnecessary  for ever saying sorry about this mess--but will continue to shake the bushes for some more of your cold hard cash that may give me a few more years on this planet or at least something that will eliminate the side effects of these wonder drugs.  Please go to UW Carbone Cancer Center and donate.  It will brighten my day.

Thanks for reading #507 of 7777.


  1. Sometimes it really can be the simple, stupid and unexpected. I thought my liver was trying to explode and it turned out I was merely passing a kidney stone. No big deal (except it hurt like hell). :)

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