Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#505 Bucket List Worthy

Green Bay Packers!

Bucket lists.  Where did this interest begin? There are over 58 million sites on the internet varying from: what to do before you die, what to do before you marry, what to do before you have kids, etc. etc. etc.  Bucket lists and terminal cancer seem to go hand in hand thus I began thinking about making my own.

Watching the Packers in the Super Bowl is probably top on my list. Actually going to the Super Bowl to watch the Packers play is number one. After that it begins to dwindle to something as elementary as making sure I live to see 2018. I'm not sure that one qualifies as a bucket wish but none of the sites addressed specific rules on what should be and shouldn't be included.

But then something extraordinary happens, and I think, "That should be on my bucket list".

Case in point...Rob and I gave a "cancer" talk to a group of about 90 people out here in the desert. Despite my lack of confidence in public speaking I thought it was going well as I explained the facts and statistics of metastatic breast cancer and what living with this disease feels like on a daily basis.  At the end of my speech I thanked all who came and suddenly I looked out at the crowd and everyone was on their feet applauding.  My first thought was I had gone over the time frame and they were sick and tired of hearing me rant and rave--which sometimes happens--and were heading for the door.

It then occurred to me they were giving me a standing ovation.  ME!  A standing ovation.  Bucket list worthy as far as I'm concerned and I never had given it a thought prior to this meeting.  My confidence in public speaking has now shot up 100% with this gift and "Getting a second standing ovation" has been added to the forever evolving list.

Of course high on the list is raising a million bucks for metastatic breast cancer research before I kick the bucket.  The last count on our fundraising moved the thermometer to over $340,000 with $90,000 coming in from last December's big campaign.  You can help fulfill my dream by going to UW Carbone Cancer Center--More for Stage IV and donating.  A million dollars moves the Packers (my number one team) to number two on my bucket list.  I think they will understand.

Thanks for reading #505 of 7777.

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