Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#509 A Vote For Greg is a Vote "Garding Against Cancer"

Working together is what we do to make sure cancer not only takes a back seat but gets kicked under the bus.  The UW Men's basketball coach, Greg Gard, has a campaign under way through ESPN supporting researchers by providing them with more resources to make cancer disappear or at least renders it to a chronic condition.  That is our ultimate hope; and being generous philanthropists, they are willing to work towards that reality.  "Show us the money, ESPN" and let's make it happen.

You can do your part by going to the website (below) to send Greg on to the next level of funding.  It is so simple I even did it-- once a day--takes less time than brushing your teeth in the morning.  Garding Against Cancer--one more way to make this playing field fair for all of us.

Sink a three pointer from your comfy chair and vote every day until he wins the big one. All you need to do is click here-- Vote for Greg Gard and it will then direct you to sign up for ESPN. Next, find Greg Gard's name and push the vote button.  Bingo!  You are done.  Oh, and no worries-- it won't cost you a dime.  Trust me, it is so easy and will make a significant  difference for our researchers at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

After clicking on Greg's site, go to mine, More For Stage IV , and make a donation to further increase the possibilities to finding that elusive cure. It's there; and with more funding and your help this dream could win the most humungous prize of all.

Thanks for reading #509 of 7777.

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