Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#510 Surprise, Surprise!

The two of us after the surprise

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes and least when we expect them--hence, that's what defines a surprise (more later on my brainless, and oh so obvious, declaration).

Lately it seems I've had my share of "not so grand" surprises clobber me.  It began with the first bombshell from the suspicious mammogram. No, it can't be cancer because that doesn't happen to healthy old me...surprise, yes it does.  Scans revealing progression--the surprise was in my denial the cells were still behaving themselves.  Surprise at the negative reactions of some people when they find out I have metastatic breast cancer ( Don't run from me, I am not contagious).  The white blood count surprised me when I was feeling robust; and low and behold it was in the pits.  Surprise from the response of the last series of injections that left me bedridden for two weeks.  Enough of these bombshells. According to Jane Austen Emma, "Surprises are foolish things.  The pleasure is not enhanced, and the convenience is often considerable."  I'd have to agree with her.


Along came one of those surprises that bowled me over leaving me speechless and dumbfounded but thrilled with the outcome.  The story, which will be told for years to come, began three weeks ago between Best Ever husband, Rob and my super sneaky and fabulous sister, Susan.

A few weeks ago, I had a terrible reaction to the hormone injections I receive once a month and, as a result, have been in considerable pain.  Super sneaky Susan contacted BE husband about coming out to cheer me up and, in her words, "While we're at it, let's keep it a secret" (She didn't realize the amount of pain killers I was on so, in my defense, it wasn't too difficult--but I digress and also making excuses).

With friends in on the scheme, they arranged my ride to the doctor's office while Rob covertly picked Susan up at the airport.  Meanwhile, these so called trustworthy friends boldly lied to me about the need to head directly to pool 8 before going home.  Naive me never had a clue.  Walking to the pool I searched for our friends and saw a woman across the way smiling at me.  I distinctly remembered registering in my brain how familiar she looked--cousin Liz, I thought--but kept cluelessly walking towards the couple.  Friend, Colleen, had to point out that Rob was there--didn't even see him --when this familiar/unfamiliar person stood up and said hello.  Suddenly I realized my clever as a fox sister had pulled the ultimate prank on me.

Both of them, without me even remotely suspecting anything, can be crowned Academy award winners of all as the instigators behind the biggest and best surprise...ever!  So, Jane Austen Emma, I guess all surprises are not necessarily foolish things.  Yes, I did feel a tad daft for being completely bamboozled, but it was well worth the end result.  Thanks, sneaky Susan and wily Rob.  You got me!

Of course, to celebrate surprises go to UW Carbone Cancer Center and donate so my sister and I can continue shocking the britches off each other. It's my turn to get her back!

Thanks for reading # 510 of 7777.



  1. What a fun entry to read! Good way to start my day... continued happiness to you Mary!!

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