Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#511 La La La La...I Feel Great!

Hiking on the top of the mountain

I am completely stumped this week to come up with a blog entry.  Usually I can wiggle something out of my brain but...nope, not a thing is jumping out at me of what to say.

After thinking about this dilemma, I have concluded that it must be a number of reasons why I am void of words tonight.  Here are a couple of thoughts in no particular order.

1. I feel great--no pains or aches or worries--finally.
2.  Rob has been behaving himself and hasn't created any type of comedy routine I can report.
3.  Kids are moving through life quite nicely.
4.  Grand baby, well, I could write volumes about her but will spare you.
5.  Some big meetings coming up with legislators and the #3 man in the White House but will wait until it is over.
6.  No issues with anyone that I can think of offhand.
7.  I'm hiking and swimming; and did I mention I feel great?
8.  Life feels normal for a change.

And that's about the best summary of why I am in a writer's block funk.  No problem because this feeling of floating along like a La La Land movie is pretty darn good and I can't ask for anything more than that.

Now for a gentle reminder to keep me in this writing funk (it's okay, really) is to donate to UW Carbone Cancer Center.

Thanks for reading this non blog of a blog #511 of 7777.

1 comment:

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