Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#10 Backing Bo--100%

Generous, adj. 
showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected

 Tonight is an event that Rob and I are very excited about paying it forward and spreading the word--Coaches vs. Cancer.  If you've been on Facebook or on my email list you have been bombarded by me shamelessly promoting it (similar to a politician right before elections).  Well, I am back to scream about it one more time.

 A little behind the scene story about how we became involved.  After this diagnosis, we felt our energy needed to be put into action instead of retreating and that shift of action was money for research.  Millions of dollars are spent on the initial breast cancer diagnosis, but the money has not been as available after a recurrence. As Musa Mayer says, ““It is as if these metastatic [people]  are invisible, that they literally don’t count. And when we don’t count people’s needs, we can’t provide or plan for them.” That's where I took it personally, got mad and decided something needed to be done about it.

  For the third year in a row, Bo Ryan has created a unique way to raise money and awareness through the American Cancer Society. Students show up, shoot a free throw or center court shot and he pays up.  A buck for each student, ten dollars for a free throw and one thousand dollars for a successful center court shot.  This is money coming out of his own pocket and last year he raised $66,130!  We were so impressed with his determination and generosity that we decided to piggy back on his parade and join the fun.  Below is how we are collaborating in tonight's event. Rob and I will be in a Kohl Center's suite cheering the students on as they shoot and score a big one for research.

Thank you to all of you who have generously donated.  And, thank you for reading # 10 of 7777.

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