Sunday, October 26, 2014

#14 Run Rob Run!

I will admit it--jealousy reared its ugly green head again.  Rob ran a half marathon today and although I am "pump the chest" proud of him and his time; that was supposed to have been me. &*^$@*%.  is all I have to say.  

Last May, I began training for my very first half when I was completely sidelined due to the &*!$& cancer in my hip.  Oh my! Swearing seems to be on the tip of my tongue today.  Most likely it is still the repercussions from being a spectator and not the runner.  Note to myself--get over it!

A good thing for Rob (and anyone within listening distance) is that biking 18.3 miles with my friend Jennifer has put me in a much better mood. The benefits from exercise are not over rated.  It works every single time.

 Next goal--run it in 2015.  Don't tell me I can't run a half marathon. Change that "can't" to "can do" and I will see you at the finish line!

Thanks for reading #14 of 7777.

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