Friday, October 31, 2014

#19 Please Don't Color Me Pink

Pink.  I will open a can of worms on this one but remember, honesty was my goal in writing this blog. 

 I hate the color.  There I said it.  Prior to having breast cancer once and now again, I did not have a particular aversion to the color.  Actually, I never thought about it.  Now I am fed up to here ( finger pointing at my flesh colored pink neck) with it.  Pepto Bismo ( an unpleasant reminder of an upset tummy) or a giant wad of chewed bubble gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe comes to mind when I see this pink phenomenon--especially in October.

Do we need a color to tell us about our breasts and what may happen to them?  If we did need a color, couldn't we agree on, let's say, one with more punch to it?  We are in the fight of our lives and the color pink sails around us like a pretty little tutu or a sweet smelling flower or even a sweet baby's bottom.  Ugh!  Give me a mean machine kind of color like Rip it out Red or Go Get 'em Green or Blast it away Blue.  Anything but pink.

 And don't get me started on the NFL teams wearing it.  Thank you for the support but show us the money.  Wear your old uniforms, donate the extra cash to the cause and leave the pink at home.  It doesn't look any better on you than it does on me. If you think I am alone on this, check out a number of breast cancer blogs--the color stinks.

Rants are good for the soul.  I feel sooooo much better now and I apologize if you are of the pink persuasion or an NFL player that actually does look good in pink.  Now go donate to a cause that actually supports the research institutes that are making a difference and not a corporation lining their own pockets.

Thanks for listening and reading #19 of 7777. 

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