Sunday, October 19, 2014

#6 Short and Not so Sweet

As we are driving back from Michigan, Rob lovingly turned to me and said, "Nothing could be better than having you by my side while I listen to three hours of Packer highlights.

Really, almost perfect husband of 36 years?  Am I to be flattered or insulted that our love is only complete if the Packers are carrying on about their win?  I wonder if he would have said the same thing if the outcome had been different?  All I can say is PMS (Packer mood swings) can be extremely trying.

This will be it for the blog today.  After a wild and crazy weekend with my sisters and their families, I have used up all my words.  Yikes!  What was I thinking of writing every single day!  Let's hope the words return tomorrow.

Now it's off to bed with my Packer loving man by my side--and the radio on mute.

Thanks for reading #6 of 7777.

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