Monday, February 9, 2015

# 120 Safari Time


"In the early morning, when the nocturnal animals may still be active, we head out for game-viewing before breakfast.  Once again, our mode of transportation is a canter, a safari truck.  We may see all the great Indian species: smaller, nilgai, the shy chinkier and chital, and the always cunning Langur monkey.

After lunch, we regroup for a second safari expedition.  Though it is rare, we may see the Royal Bengal tiger, usually sleeping by day in the tall grass.  A recent census showed 26 tigers in the reserve.  We also see lakes that hold crocodiles, and a wide variety of water birds in season.  More than 450 bird species frequent this area, from crested serpent eagles to painted storks."

From OAT

Dhanyavaad for reading #120 of 7777.

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