Sunday, February 22, 2015

#134 God Bless America

Hello from Mumbai airport!  It is 10:21 PM Sunday and technically I don't have to post this until tomorrow but since our flight is delayed for an hour and who knows when we will arrive back in the US, I'll break a few rules about this blog writing and post it tonight.

Many thanks to my daughter for sticking to it and posting daily,  I'm sure she will be just as happy to see me as being done with her blog responsibilities.

The trip has been one adventure after another and I hope to slip in a few entries with my impressions of this incredible country along with a picture or two in the next few weeks. There are a couple of humorous stories about Rob ( of course) and NO bathroom disasters (thanks to the ever present  bottles of water and constant monitoring of food selections ) so would rate this as a 5 star trip.

One quick observation to share tonight--earlier in the week on our flight to Mumbai, I was shuffling along to deplane the aircraft when a gentleman with a gigantic turban on his head quietly said to me as I passed by him, "God bless America".  Made me smile to think that for him, we must be doing something right.

Thanks for reading #134 of 7777.

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