Friday, February 13, 2015

# 124 A Sense of Humor


(This is from me—this next part makes me want to reconsider before even starting out, but by now, we have been on the road for 13 days so will probably follow their advice.)

"To enjoy and make the most of this vary long, overland, travel day, you’ll need to approach it with curiosity, an adventurous spirit, and a healthy sense of humor.

We begin our journey early this morning, as we board a train for an approximately two-hour ride to Jhansi, a center of Bundela civilization. Upon arriving at the railway station in Jhansi, we will transfer to our coach and continue overland for a half-hour drive to Orcha. After lunch we continue overland via coach on the long (four-and a-half-hour drive) and bumpy road to Khajuraho.

Although remote and very quiet today, in the tenth century Khajuraho was the center of the thriving civilization of the Chandelles.  The magnificent group of temples (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) was built between the ninth and tenth centuries by the Chandela Dynasty, which dominated central India at the time."

From OAT

Dhanyavaard for reading # 124 of 7777.

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