Wednesday, February 18, 2015

# 130 Cochin


"We disembark for a drive to Cochin.  Cochin is a started South Indian city layered with Jewish, Portuguese, Chinese, and British influences.  After having lunch in the old fort area, we tour Cochin’s intriguing sights, including St. Francis Xavier’s Church, the original burial site of Vasco de Gama (who is now interred in his native Portugal). We’ll explore Cochin’s multicultural influences further at the harbor, where we view the distinctive fishing nets that are strongly purported to be Chinese in origin.

Late this afternoon, we join in on a Kathakali dance event.  Kathakali is the theatrical dance of Kerala, known for elaborate performances and formerly staged only for the rulers of Kerala.  Women participate in modern performances, breaking the tradition of an all-male cast, as they enact an episode from Ramayana and Mahabharata epics.  Complex costumes and elaborate facial paint (heroes have green faces; villains have red or black; and holy men and women have yellow) enhance the moods, emotions, and inner sensibilities that are shown by expression, gesture and action.  Drama is added with the narrative verse, sung with an accompaniment of drums, cymbals and other instruments."

From OAT

Dhanyavaard for reading # 130 of 7777.

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